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Hello Commons, I have a new book for ya. It’s called Flowers, it’s a novel about a man who smokes the last of his pot, and it’s the first entry in a new series called W-2222.

Flowers takes place in the backwoods town of Wuester, New Jersey and stars a man by the name of Howie “Hoots” McGee, who considers himself to be the next great stand-up pot comic. After pissing off his significant other by making them wait in the cold while he was at a party, Howie lights a joint and wanders into the night to find some hole in the ground where he can sleep his buzz off. When he wakes up, he finds himself not only in the basement of a church, but also in an apocalypse. This is no ordinary apocalypse, however; the world seems to have burned alive overnight. Buildings and trees are reduced to charcoal. Everything is covered in a blanket of ash. The sky is the pale white of death – or rather, what follows after the passing of death – and Howie, along with three nuns who survived by sleeping in the same church (although not in the basement), seem to be the only survivors.

Although I don’t designate them as such in the actual book, the story is broken into five chapters, plus a pro- and epilogue, and I’ll outline them vaguely below:

  • Prologue | Peace – The night before the apocalypse.
  • Chapter 1 | Church – The morning after the apocalypse.
  • Chapter 2 | The Way – Howie makes his way to his apartment to get his pot.
  • Chapter 3 | Home – Howie explores the remains of his apartment in search of his pot.
  • Chapter 4 | Fire – Howie smokes the rest of his pot.
  • Chapter 5 | The Center – Having smoked his pot, Howie decides what to do next.
  • Epilogue | Love – What follows Howie doing what he decided to do next.

At the end of this post is everything the hypothetical reader needs to know about when Flowers will be posted on the blog and how they can acquire copies and whatnot; between here and there is self-indulgence. Get ready, Commons. I think you’re go’n’a be proud.

This project came to me very suddenly; within ten minutes of the idea popping into my head I had two loose leaf pages of notes scrawled and the first few words of the draft typed up. I finished the draft in about five days (give or take a sleepless night), put it through the standard editing process, and here we are. Book number nine, the second book of the Third Spiral. Can’t stop won’t stop.

Seriously, I can’t fucking stop. I was more than 100 pages into an entirely different project when Flowers stuck its… stem into my head and took over. These ideas seem to be living things, I’m not in control of my actions. I need hEL-

I have to say, despite the fact that this was the highest I’ve ever been while making a book (specifically during the writing – there is a reason the story is about a man who smokes the last of his pot), the process has never been smoother. I feel like I’m finally getting a solid grip on this bookmaking thing, Commons. It feels good. Feels like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, y’know? Feels like I’m doing shit right for once. Whether or not I actually did it right will be up to the hypothetical reader, of course, but, y’know. Feeling pretty good about it on my end.

Oh, and also, this is the last book I’ll be making under the influence of cannabis. Being creative whilst high is fun and all, but uh… how do I put this… at this point in my life, I feel the need to grow the fuck up. Marijuana addiction is a thing, Commons, a thing that divided me into two different beings, one called High’Hunter and one called Sober’Hunter, and one of these assholes has officially been banished between the covers of a book by the other. I know, I’ll miss him too, but look on the bright side: Sober’Hunter is a lot smarter than High’Hunter. He’s a harder worker, too. Leagues more dedicated. He also tends to give less of a fuck, which is nice. I’m quite looking forward to reacquainting myself with that dude. Been a few years since I’ve seen him.

Flowers will have a 33-post run in the 2:00 p.m. slot starting tomorrow, November 3rd – which just might be the night before the real apocalypse falls unto the United (Untied?) States of America, hey-hey ho-ho – and ending December 5th. Below is the entry I made for Flowers on the Books page, which includes book stats and relevant links for the hypothetical reader’s convenience.

Universe W-2222

From this day on, we move forever forward. Be well Commons~


I'm that guy who makes fiction books so he doesn't go insane.

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