Aug the Eleventh – Untitled Bigfoot Project (19/224)

Aug the Eleventh

Howdy Journal, news from the forest! Construction on The True Commons has officially begun!

It was a hard day of work, but a good day nonetheless – I accidentally woke up before the sunrise, but instead of getting back in bed and oversleeping myself a few hours, I just went with it. Took a quick morning walk to The Foothill, just because there wasn’t really anywhere else to go, had breakfast, then set off. I decided not to drive because the whole |contraband| thing, but I won’t make that mistake again. The walk was excruciating, I mean just really painful. My legs are gelatinous, it’s not good.

But it’s cool, because I gathered myself a big ol’ pile of rocks today. I made solid progress on a real project, it feels good. Almost as good as smoking all those joints, heh. Tomorrow I’m go’n’a gather more rocks, and then the day after that… ah, never mind. Time isn’t even real, the now is eternal. Peace, love, and hip-hop/rap. That’s all, Journal. That’s all.

…                                     …                                    …

Yeah, I think that’s actually all. Albey the Mad Poet is tired, but he wishes to get high before he sleeps. Off he goes~

…                                     …                                    …

Thank you, Journal. ‘Preciate ya. Good sleeps and good dreams~

Hello Commons, this has been the next journal entry from Untitled Bigfoot Project, a novel about a writer who writes a novel about bigfoot.

Untitled Bigfoot Project is part of the Third Spiral, an anthology of sorts called The Here and Now which is comprised of stories told from the various planes of Existence.

Untitled Bigfoot Project is available to read for free in its entirety on my website. Click here to check it out.

I’ve written a few other books, too. Click here to see the list.

If you like Untitled Bigfoot Project and would like to help support my work, click here and buy an autographed copy of the book (or anything else!) from my store. Alternatively, you can snag a cheaper (and unsigned) copy from Amazon by clicking here OR you can buy the ebook for even cheaper here.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. Be well Commons~

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