Sept the Eighth – Untitled Bigfoot Project (63/224)

Sept the Eighth

Didn’t get much done again, but I’m not mad. I realized that there are no days of the week in The Hillside Commons, at least not to The Triad. They measure time by the cycles of the moon, and the shortest measurement (outside of sunrise/sunset) is a “strate” which is one week (half of the time between a full moon/Halla and a new moon/Calla). But I have a solution.

Remember how I said I wanted to do a pro/epilogue? Well, two things: they’re going to be called “Prelude” and “Envoi” because reasons, and they’re going to be titled “The Lodge” and “The Dirtbiker” respectively. And they’ll both be in present tense.

In “The Lodge,” Albey is going to be coming back home from burying the members of his broken Triad. He’s going to get to the cabin at The Hillside and, for the first time, explore the basement where Iuqon would always disappear to, the subterranean laboratory/lair that he was always super protective over to the point where he disallowed Albey and Ram’rl to enter it. He’s going to find a lot of stuff, and among that stuff is going to be a new system for keeping time: a strate is seven days, more or less, and these days will be named Monday, Tuesday, you get the idea. Each of the beginnings of the names (Mon, Tues, etc) will have a special meaning, I’m sure, but yeah. He’ll also find a bunch of magick stuff down there that he takes with him to help him find Gobon, and he’ll raid Ram’rl’s little shack out back for armor and weapons, and he will set off to find Gobon.

Then, in the Envoi, The Dirtbiker’s Trail will bring The Dirtbiker to the bigfoot cabin and he’ll see the aftermath of the battle between Albey and the bigfoots (who will probably be controlled by Gobon, not totally certain on that but it seems like a fine idea). I’m still not sure if Albey’s going to die or not, but honestly, I’m not going to find out until I get there anyway.

I have the dots, Journal, and they’re even somewhat connected. All I have to do is color in the picture they make, and I’ll have my novel. Not go’n’a lie, part of me feels like I’m having so much trouble taking the leap from the general to the specific because I’m cooping myself up at home and surrounding myself with the same… surroundings. Blegh. I hate repeating words like that. Anyway, yeah. That’s a thing I’ve been thinking about. Not sure what I can do about it, but that’s okay. It’s not a thing for right now. I’m tired, I’m’a sleep.

…                                     …                                    …

Say thankya, Journal. ‘Preciate ya. Good sleeps and good dreams~

Hello Commons, this has been the next journal entry from Untitled Bigfoot Project, a novel about a writer who writes a novel about bigfoot.

Untitled Bigfoot Project is part of the Third Spiral, an anthology of sorts called The Here and Now which is comprised of stories told from the various planes of Existence.

Untitled Bigfoot Project is available to read for free in its entirety on my website. Click here to check it out.

I’ve written a few other books, too. Click here to see the list.

If you like Untitled Bigfoot Project and would like to help support my work, click here and buy an autographed copy of the book (or anything else!) from my store. Alternatively, you can snag a cheaper (and unsigned) copy from Amazon by clicking here OR you can buy the ebook for even cheaper here.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. Be well Commons~

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