The Bookmaker’s Note 4/6/21

Progress log: added ~4,500 words to WIP

Got a late start today. I was up until 4 am Monday morning editing The Monksville Chronicles and thus didn’t get to sleep until like 2 last night; by the time I started working it was already half past 10. I used to prefer staying up really late and then sleeping through the front half of the day, but nowadays I feel like it’s a waste. Writing outside in the sun is so much better than writing at the desk in my bedroom. It’s louder but I feel like I get less distracted. I don’t know. Hiking and writing on a mountaintop is the best, but I was too tired for that today.

It was a slow day though. The time flew by, every time I checked the clock another hour was gone, poof, spent, collected and taxed, but the words came slowly. I feel like I didn’t do enough, but that’s how I feel every day. Honestly, the more I write the more I feel like I’m not trying hard enough. My record is 20,000-something words in a day, 22,000 I think, and even that wasn’t shit to me. The addiction is real; better writing than crack, right?

So uh, yeah. I’m on the 3rd chapter of the WIP, 3rd of 5. It’s coming along. I don’t know, maybe I didn’t do enough today. I’ll probably do more tomorrow. Go’n’a get a good night’s sleep and get up before the sun, I think.

I’m curious, how many words do you like to hit in a day when you’re working on a project? Y’know, if you’re a writer. And you have the balls to share it.

Idk what else to say now. I’m tired.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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