Demented | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/7/21

Progress log: added ~6,200 words to WIP (go’n’a refer to it as OTR from here on out)

So, I wound up doing more today than I did yesterday. Kilt that shit. It was a good writing day, ‘man! I didn’t get up before the sun, I started at just about the same time as I started yesterday, and I was super distracted, too. I was sitting out at the table on the patio in the backyard and every time I sat down to write I would get up a couple seconds later, usually to gather wood from the woods to burn in the chimenea. I had that shit going all day. But eventually I just kind of sat down and got sucked into it, and boom. 6ish pm, 6,000 words. It was all part of the same subchapter, too, I started it at the end of yesterday and finished it off today. Feels good. Got that sense of closure.

So le’me talk about this book a little bit. I’m roughly halfway done with it, as far as the chapter layout goes, but I can say with certainty that it’s going to be the most demented thing I’ve ever written. I’m leaning the fuck into this shit, ‘man, it’s ridiculous. I’m having a ton of fun. I refuse to give away the full title, but I’m going to refer to it as OTR from here on out. I think I can give y’all an acronym without the world ending. As for the plot, I will say it’s going to include Jonathan Knox, the guy from Under the Hood: The Imprisonment of Jonathan Knox. That book’s going to finish posting in a few days, I think, so if you read the last post you’ll have sort of an idea of where I’m going with OTR. Sort of. Emphasis on the sort of. Lol.

So yeah, ‘man. That was today. Woke up late, went outside, had a fire, and wrote 6,000 words. I exercised too, I really like exercising. I used to hate it but now I have an equipmentless workout app that has a 28-day full body challenge thing and today was day 13. Technically it was day 41, because this is my second time going through, but regardless it was pushup day. Fucking pushup day. I also ran 3 miles. I run 3 miles every day. Good day. It was a good day today.

I didn’t get an answer yesterday when I asked how many words you like to hit in a day when you’re working on a project, so I’m’a ask again today. And I’ll keep asking until I get an answer, I think, because I am, if nothing else, a persistent son of a bitch. For the record, my goal is 1 word but I like to hit at least 3,000. So how many words do you like to hit in a day when you’re working on a project?

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on we move forever forward~

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