Serendipity | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/8/21

Progress log: OTR is ~3,000 words longer

What a slog of a day, goddamn. You ever have one of those nights where you’re trying to fall asleep and it just won’t happen and then you blink and suddenly the sun is shining through your windows? I had one’a those last night. I literally blinked and it was morning all of the sudden, my first words of the day were What the fuck? I hardly even lost consciousness. Didn’t wake up late either, ’twas a 7:30 kind of day.

That said, I somehow didn’t get an early start on the writing. Had the breakfast early, went outside early, had the laptop open early, but I didn’t get to typing until right around 10:30. It’s probably because I wrote so much yesterday, I let it get to my head. That’s okay though. 3,000 words isn’t bad. Almost let myself say fuck it at 2,000 words, but then I didn’t. Uhhhhh. Christ, writing right now.

Oh, this happened. So I had the chimenea going again. The fire was burned out when I got up to charge the laptop and run and work out, so I loaded a bunch of branches and leaves and shit on top of the smoldering embers then went inside and got my shorts on. All in all the exercise took, like, an hour and change. I think. It was longer than usual because today was abs day. Shitting abs day. But anyway, after I worked out the fire still hadn’t caught. It was smoking, but it hadn’t caught, so I had lunch and showered and brought my laptop back out to continue the grind and I shit you not, the literal second I stepped back on the patio the shit I piled into the chimenea caught fire. Like, it was smoking for an hour and change, and the moment it lit up was the moment I stepped outside. The fucking serendipity. It probably doesn’t mean anything, but the fucking serendipity of it.

Oh, speaking of serendipity, I’m supposed to be getting the proof copy of The Monksville Chronicles tomorrow. It was originally Sunday, but now it’s tomorrow, which is serendipitous because tomorrow I should finish up with chapter 3 of OTR. If the planets align I’ll finish the chapter in the morning, work out, grab TMC out of the mail and get crackin’ on the review. As far as the work goes I think I have this bookmaking thing down pat… if only I could get my book sales poppin’.


LOL I’m’a cut it off here, I’m just tired enough that I might start bitchin’. I don’t wan’a start bitchin’. So uh, fellow writers, how many words do you like to hit each day when you’re working on a project? And if you don’t hit your goal, do you wallow in self-pity like a little shithead (like I used to) or do you accept it and strive to do more the next day? Let me know in the comments. If I deem it necessary, I might even respond to what you say. Waow!

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on we move forever forward~

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