Cold and Rainy | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/11/21

Progress log: reviewed 100ish of The Monksville Chronicles‘s remaining [however many] pages

It’s a cold and rainy and dreary Sunday. I have decided I shall piss the rest of the day away after posting this post. If ever there was a day to piss away, today is that day. I’m not running today because it is cold and raining, and I’m not turning on my workout app because shitting abs day can wait ’til tomorrow. I’m only working until [whatever time this gets posted] because reviewing a proof copy is taxing on the brain despite it not being very time consuming, especially in the case of The Monksville Chronicles. Like, I’ve been through this manuscript at least 200,000,000 times at this point. This is part of the reason I keep my editing process down to 3 drafts, I start to feel like I’m caught in an acid thought-loop if I have to re-read something over and over and over, it drains the hell out’a me. Obviously editing is more than just reading but you know what I mean. Or maybe you don’t. I don’t know you.

Listen, I’m’a get out’a here. I was going to rant about something or other but it’s null at this point. Water is falling from the sky like piss into a toilet. I got shit done today, and I’ll have shit to do tomorrow. What else is there?

Btw, how many words do you like to hit in a day when you’re working on a project? I’m go’n’a keep asking ’til I get an answer, and you know what? I’m go’n’a keep asking even after I get an answer. You know what else? Me either.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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