Rain and Coldy | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/12/21

Progress log: Finished reviewing The Monksville Chronicles, submitted for republishing. Began backend release work

Another rain and coldy day today, ‘man. Yesterday was like this and I decided to piss the back half of the day away. Today I didn’t and I got shit done. But first, I have to cover something important.

So my Shopify stalker is keeping up his grind, she skipped looking at the running book yesterday and then took a peek at the three o’clock am hour today, as per his pattern. The pattern appears to be loosening though, she used to look once every day and then he was looking twice a day every other day and now she’s only looked once today. Maybe he’ll buy the fuckin’ book soon, who knows? I’ll keep you updated when there’s more activity.

That out of the way, I finished reviewing The Monksville Chronicles and implemented all the pencil strokes I made in the proof into the manuscript today. Boom, done, ready to go. I submitted it for republishing and now I’m waiting for the confirmation so I can put up the ebook too. That’ll take however long it takes.

After that I went outside to get the mail and decided it was too rain and coldy to run but I was still going to exercise, get in that abs day I skipped yesterday. Then I fell coming up the goddamn stairs and decided that shitting abs day can fuck off, I had shit to do anyway.

Thus began the backend work. First was the Shopify. I took down the old version of The Monksville Chronicles and made a short blog post saying I did so. Then I hit the WordPress and updated the books page, which included breaking a few links, updating the cover art picture and details for The Monksville Chronicles, and moving The Monksville Chronicles to the Third Spiral part of the page. Then I updated the The Monksville Chronicles page with all the new text and set it on private, where it shall remain until I can get all the new links together which will be when I get publishing confirmation so calm the fuck down A’IGHT? IT’S COMING! Then I started setting up the blog posts, got through the first chapter, and now we are here.

In other words, I didn’t do jack shit today.

Nah jk, shit got done, buckaroo. It was mostly monotonous shit and therefore was egregious, but it got done nonetheless and I got more to do tomorrow, and then eventually I will get back to writing OTR. Hee-yah, mother-expletive. Hee-yah. Oh, and uh, the obligatory How many words do you like to write in a day when you’re working on a project? There ya go. This here’s been a blog post.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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