Spring Cleaning | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/13/21

Progress log: completed preliminary backend rerelease work for The Monksville Chronicles

So I did this like this today.

[8:54 am] Good morning! The Shopify stalker stared at my running book at 4 am today, the pattern is tightening back up. In other news, I’ve been up for an hour and a half and I’m about to shit for the third time today! I’m not even sick, either! My bowels are movin’ you sons of bitches, hee-yah! The rain is over and all the leaves are opening up, I’m’a call this post Spring Cleaning and I’m’a take my third shit of the day and then I’m’a get movin’!

[9:58 am] The Monksville Chronicles is published in paperback and the ebook is submitted! This isn’t me announcing it, I’m going to do the normal book announcement post I do when I have a physical copy, which I will order as soon as the page on Amazon updates with the correct price and cover art. I raised the price from $9 to $10 for the paperback. The new paperback has a higher printing cost, it felt appropriate. eBook is staying the same, as I didn’t add more than 10,000 words. The autographed copy cost might go up a dollar, I’m not sure. I have a whole Excel spreadsheet dedicated to pricing out the autographed copies, I have to plug in the new numbers. Anyway, so I write with Scrivener, right? It’s a writing program, really great stuff. Up until now I’ve had all of my writing in one single Scrivener file. Like, all of it. I don’t know why I was doing it like that, the shit took 5 minutes to back itself up every time I closed it. So now all the books have their own files. Been meaning to do that for a while. Spring cleaning.

[11:56 am] Finished prepping the blog posts for the second chapter. I’m trying out a new post strategy for this one, see? In the past I would put one subchapter up per post, but sometimes the subchapters are long. One of UBP’s subchapters was literally 12,000 words long. That’s too long for a blog post. So for TMC (and probsibly going forward) I’m going to cap out at around 1,200ish words per post. If the subchapter is longer than that, I break the shit into multiple parts. It’s good because blog posts shouldn’t be super long and also this will stretch the book posts out longer and give me more time. Killing the blogging game rn.

[1:33 pm] I inadvertently used both wondrous and wonderous in The Monksville Chronicles. Only one of these is technically correct. I feel like I need to decide right now whether I give a shit or not; I’m’a let it fly. It’s fine, y’know? Whether I’m using wondrous or wonderous you still understand what I’m try’n’a say. Going forward I’ll try to not make that mistake again, but as for The Monksville Chronicles? It’s not a new book. And even if I change that one word, it’s still not going to be perfect. I’m just a ‘man.

[5:03 pm] Accidentally posted post 78 of The Monksville Chronicles. Immediately unposted and deleted it, then cleared it from the trash, then I took my laptop outside and stomped on it and spit on it and waterboarded it except with gasoline and then I did an ancient dance which summoned the full moon to the sky, and beneath that full moon I set fire to my laptop and continued to dance and sway as it burned to ashes. Will be careful not to accidentally hit publish again.

[6:15 pm] The final subchapter of the final chapter of The Monksville Chronicles lands on post #100. On the fucking dot, you bitch. That, that right there, is what’s called a good sign, y’see? Splitting the longer posts is the fuckin’ move. There is one subchapter that didn’t split well so I kept it at 1,500 words, but the rest all got split if they got into the 1,300s. Post #100 on the fucking dot.

[7:17 pm] The blog posts are DONE. Sort of! I can’t actually finish them until I get the physical copy of The Monksville Chronicles (paperback and ebook both now available on Amazon, ho-ho hey-hey) but all 124 of them are set up so all I need to do is add 124 to each title, paste in the links, add the featured image, and schedule. The battle is halfway through. I don’t need to be finishing this late in the day, but I took lots of breaks. It was gorgeous outside today. I didn’t do shitting abs day because I shit you not, I literally shit like 10 times today and I thought it would be too ironic. But I walked in a park and then came home and ran. So uh, anyway, I added the Amazon links to the The Monksville Chronicles tile on my Books page. I’ll add the links to read the text for free and to buy an autographed copy when I have the physical copy. It’ll be here when it gets here. That pretty much wraps it up for the preliminary backend rerelease work. Preliminary backend rerelease work, well goddamn doesn’t that sound pretentious and aggrandized. I’m goin’ with it.

Now the question is, did I actually come back to this post at random points throughout the day or did I just type it all up now? And the other question is, how many words do you like to write in a day when you’re working on a project?

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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