Life | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/16/21

Progress log: wrote ~3200 words towards OTR

I hit my minimum today. I’m good with it. I could have written more, but I also could have been a shithead and written less. Today I am not the shithead, and that is a victory.

One of those not much to say days tbh. The Shopify stalker is still at it. Stared at the running book at 9 last night then again today at 6 pm. At least they didn’t look first thing in the morning, y’know? That’s the weirdest part of this for me, the 6/7 am views. But imagine if I got an order for the running book and then the views just stopped. Like. All this time the fellow was just trying to decide whether or not to make the purchase. Plot twist of the century.

I don’ow, ‘man. The wind continues to blow, y’know what I’m sayin’? Just another day. The sky could be falling. I could be out of my folks’ house. But it isn’t. And I’m not. And that’s okay. Some days are gray and dreary. Either the sun or a storm is coming, and when it’s done the other will follow right behind. Life, ‘man. It ain’t always peaceful like this. The only thing life always is is life, and that’s okay too. Shit, the only reason I’m still typing right now is to feel the keys bounce back against my fingertips, and even that’s okay. We’re just out here doing our thing, ‘man. I mean we, too, you and me. We’re both human and we’re both out here doin’ our thing. The wind blows in whichever direction it pleases and we’re just out here doing our thing.

A’ight, I’m gettin’ out’a here. You know the drill; if you don’t, every day I ask for a hypothetical reader to comment their daily writing goal. It hasn’t happened yet.


If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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