Editing | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/18/21

Writing log: OTR +6,490 words

Fuckin’ did it. When I woke up this morning, I decided that I owed myself an extra 3,000 words for being the shithead yesterday and not writing. It took all day – it will be past midnight when I post this, and this is not an apology for that – but I fuckin’ got that shit done. Feels fucking good, ‘man.

So I’m giving myself a challenge this week. I was browsing on facebook (I know, I feel ashamed) and I saw this dude in one of the two writer groups I joined posting pictures of himself in a treehouse talkin’ about how he was on a writer’s retreat and he wrote 11,000 words that day and set a new record for himself. I was tempted to comment Good job dude, my record is 22,000. Literally twice as much as you, and I wasn’t even in a treehouse. Beat that, you son of a bitch but I thought it might come off as rude so I merely closed the page and got the fuck off facebook like any self-respecting human should. But it got me thinking: I don’t write enough. Like, 3,000 words a day is fine, but it’s light. When I wrote The 2020 Event |The Main Event| I was bangin’ out 6,000 on a daily basis easy, sometimes I even got above 10,000, and I was fucking looney back then. I’m in a much better place mentally today, I can write more. So I’m fidna.

Here’s the challenge. It’s not really a challenge, more like a trial run, but here’s what I’m doing this week. Monday and Tuesday, 6,000 each. Wednesday, however much I manage to get done. Thurs, Fri, Sat, 6,000 each. Sunday, however much. The 6,000 days will give me a minimum of 30,000 words for the week (roughly 100 pages) and whatever I do on the off days will pile on top. That will be progress. I don’t think I’m going to stop writing during the editing process for OTR, either. Why bother stopping when I can keep the momentum going and get ahead on the next project? No, quantity does not imply quality, but quality can be achieved through quantity. I’m biting a youtuber called Joel Haver on that one but it’s true ‘man, quality by means of quantity. Got’a practice to get good. That reminds me of tomorrow’s TBN, I already know what I’m going to write about. But that’s tomorrow.

Another thing I saw on facebook that got me fired up was this writer who posted a one-star review she got from someone who read her book and was offended at the massive amounts of proofreading errors in said book, and a bunch of other writers were in the comments saying yeah well you fucking deserve it. It’s just like, calm the fuck down. It’s just writing. I’ve read books, both indie and industry, littered with proofreading errors and it really doesn’t bother me a lot. Like, it doesn’t make the book unreadable. I don’t love it, I won’t lie, but I’m able to get the fuck over the fact that another author didn’t pay as close attention to their work as I wish I was able to pay to my own and still absorb the meaning that author put into their words which they cared enough about to write them down and publish them for the world to judge.

That’s not to say I’m out here letting proofreading errors fly left and right, either. Yeah, I let the wondrous and wonderous thing go for The Monksville Chronicles. You know what else I let go for that book? The “this is not real” disclaimer on the publishing page? It uses both its and it’s in the same line and only one of them is correct. But I let it fly, among other stuff I’m sure. For The Monksville Chronicles I let it all fly because The Monksville Chronicles is an old fucking book, I made it when I was less experienced and it should reflect that fact. The disclaimer in OTR has been corrected, and that’s not the only change to my publishing page formula I’m making with OTR either. Writers are artists, we are meant to grow and evolve and obsessively going over our past pieces of work is not how we evolve. It’s not how I evolve, anyway. What’s already written is written, dawg. What’s that next line go’n’a be, what’s your next book go’n’a be about? If you can’t write the next thing, you’re dead. That’s just what it is, baby, word to Charles Bukowski.

Lmao you’d think I was the woman who made the facebook post. But like, whatever. I don’t know why it bothered me. It’s late, I just got finished writing 6,000 words. I’m just riffing at this point, no filter allowed, I’m on some OG Sidney Blake shit. This blog series was very much inspired by Sidney Blake, if you didn’t know that. He’s the main character of Untitled Bigfoot Project and a fat chunk of his story is told through journal entries. This isn’t literally my journal, of course, but that’s where it came from with the Progress log (which is now the Writing log, officially) and everything. Yeah, ‘man.

But editing. Editing is definitely important. Almost everybody says that you absolutely need an outside editor to look at your stuff, that editing your own work is basically pointless. I don’t know about that one. I think it’s an important skill to have. When somebody else proofreads or even critiques your work, all they’re essentially doing is telling you how to change it to be more like something they would do. I miss stuff when I edit my own work, yeah. I’m not perfect, I think that’s blatantly obvious. But I’m better at self-editing now than I was when I first started. I think someone who can’t adequately edit their own work is at a disadvantage if anything. So what, your old books have errors. Make a new book and try harder on the proofreading, then. Also, maybe don’t go on Facebook and publicly bitch about it. Or anything. Fuck bitching about things in general. Fuckin’ find something to do.

Side note, I long for the day my books start getting reviews. I foresee a new blog series. But that’s the future.

Anyhow, I don’t know why I’m still writing the words on this screen. This shit’s 1,000 words long, I cracked 7,000 today. Bitchin’. But yeah ‘man, today was a good day. OTR chapter 4 is now 7 subchapters long. I’m about to dip, but first I have to ask: How many words do you like to write in a day when you’re working on something?

Oh, also, Shopify stalker struck again at 3 am and 6 pm. Lowkey inspiring in a way.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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