Coda | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/22/21

Writing log: OTR +5,239 words, draft complete at 104,653 | TBN +468 words

You read the Writing log, you know what it is. Book 12 overall, Third Spiral book 6, entry 3 in the W-2222 series, OTR is on its fucking way. Not gonna reveal the title yet, will reveal the title when I decide to reveal the title, but it’s fuckin’ drafted, baby. Woo! Made it past 100,000 by the skin of its teeth but it fuckin’ made it. The OTR part of the book is about 78,000 words of it, the anthology in the back is the rest. I don’t have a timeline for release yet, I know it needs work but I won’t know how much work until I read through it. We’re looking at end of May the absolute earliest, maybe, I don’t know, that’s a sloppy spitball.

So I have a new book in the works. Acronym is ANATH, currently 449 words long. I didn’t include it up top because I wrote the entire page and a half of it a while ago. Before I started OTR. I decided I needed to do OTR first because OTR cleans up some Existential continuity stuff, Existential with a capital E because Existence is the highest deity and She must be respected. Just kidding. I don’t pray to Her and ask for the secrets of Her universes to be revealed to me every time I sit down to write, don’t be ridiculous. It’s with a capital E because I’m referring to the continuity on the higher levels of the shit, that’s all. OTR involves the Astral Gods, folks. The Keepers. The Almighty Incarnates. The Pillars Three. They’re all there, you hypothetical fucks. The Pillars Three have appeared in every book I’ve made from The Monksville Chronicles on (thanks to the coda I put in with the rerelease; I’m putting codas in my books now) but they’ve never had more than cameo roles before. The Astral Gods are at the very top of the consciousness spectrum, see, they are not an example of ultimate power put a test of it, and I won’t hype you up for nothing, their use is going to feel extremely wasted in OTR. They’re prisoners of a sort, I can say that. That doesn’t reveal too much of the plot. But

It’s like an hour later now, I left this post and started tinkering with OTR. Draft is now 104,952 words long. Oops.

So yeah, OTR is drafted. ANATH is on the board. TBN is one entry longer. It’s poppin’ at The Commons, folks. Glad you’re all here with me, we’re just doin’ our thing. If you got it poppin’ today, speak on it in the comments. Don’t worry, chances are I will not respond.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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