Kit | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/25/21

Writing log: TBN +960 words

• • •

So I was at The Hillside Commons today. Like, my campsite in the woods up the road. That’s where I got the name for the website, I have a few campsites built in the woods up yonder and the first one was named The Hillside Commons. About a year after I named it I realized the acronym was THC. Lol. But I was out there today taking notes, figuring out UGP, and a dude with his dog walked by me. Dog got right into my face, let me pet him. He was friendly. So the dude and dog go on up the hill. About 7 minutes later he came back talking about a baby fox lying on the side of the trail. Long story short his dog killed the kit, damned thing couldn’t have been more than 2 weeks old. I ran down to my house and grabbed a shovel and ran back and dug a deep hole, scooped the kit up, and laid him to rest. Built him a little blanket of leaves, tossed in some dirt, made a layer of rock, filled the rest of the hole in with dirt, and then built a rock pile on top as a grave marker. As a self-proclaimed shaman, it was the only thing I could do. I burned one down for the little guy too, said a few words to send him off. Rest in peace, Kit.

I noticed the first subchapter of chapter Thursday: Findings of Untitled Bigfoot Project posted today. I don’t know if anyone’s picked up on this, but I’m’a talk about it; so UBP has 2 kinds of chapters, the journal chapters and the normal chapters. The journal chapters are journal entries from the main character, Sidney Blake. The normal chapters are normal book chapters and are broken into subchapters, and the names of all the subchapters are derived from the journal entries preceding that chapter. For example, the subchapters of chapter Thursday: Findings are Life, Chaos, Order, Balance, Peace, War, and Death. In the journal chapter before Thursday: Findings, Sidney comes up with seven runes which represent higher truths of reality for the book he’s writing: Life, Chaos, Order, Balance, Peace, War, and Death. Badda boom badda bing. All seven of UBP’s chapters are like that. The second one’s subchapters are all named after the Dark Tower books, too, and it’s not even a gimmick, that chapter features Sidney brawling with a sort of delusion in which he believes the Dark Tower books are something of a prophecy of his life. Ugh. I love UBP, I went ham on that thing.

So UGP, that other book I started. I haven’t written any more for it, but I have figured out where I’m going with it. Originally I was thinking I was going to use it to bring a group of characters called The Psychenauts back into Existence, but I realized it would work better if I let it be its own thing. The Psychenauts are a group of 5 Zeroc who basically serve as emissaries of Psychedelia, Keeper of The Garden, one of the Astral Gods. I just realized that’s their role in Existence right now, like, as I was writing this. That’s crazy lmao. But uh, the Zeroc are a species of aliens from my two The 2020 Event books, I’m planning on bringing them back when I write the Second Spiral but I want to bring The Psychenauts back before that because The Psychenauts are capable of traveling between universes and I feel like they’d be fun to have around. I just have to find the right situation in which to bring them back. It’ll happen eventually. UGP though… I might as well be honest, UGP stands for Untitled Godspace Project, that’s not what I’m going to title it but that’s my working title. It’s taking place entirely in Godspace, one of the four Astral Planes in Existence, and the protagonist is of the nameless I variety. I’m going to make it a novel if I can, but it might end up as a novella or a novelette. We’ll see. I’m pumped though. It’s going to be a purgatory-esque story, I’m foregoing my usual subchapter form because I think writing it in one single long body of text will better fit the story. God I love this shit. I don’t know what the fuck I would be doing if I wasn’t making these books.

So um… oh, as far as ANATH goes (another project I started) I’m still holding off. I need to tinker with the blueprints before I go further with the writing. But I’m thinking about it, I’m incubating the idea. It’ll come soon. Today was a Weekend Sunday and I took it as one, was very mellow. Tomorrow is Monday and I’m going to start the editing process for OTR, my goal is to have it in the Word manuscript by the end of the month. I’m going to try to get it out in May, might be June but Q2 for sure. The Monksville Chronicles is supposed to be here by the end of the week too, so hopefully I’ll get that launched by the weekend. Things are happening, ‘man. The wind is continuing to blow. If you’re reading this, I am glad you’re here.

A’ight, let’s wrap it. Shopify stalker hit me at 8 pm tonight, hardly an hour ago. Better then than 6 am. Someone dropped me a little heart symbol as a comment yesterday, I saw it earlier today and it made me smile. Thanks dawg. If you wrote today, comment your numbers. I gotta dip y’all, I’m tried.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on we move forever forward~

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