Process | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/26/21

Writing log: UGP +790 words | TBN +590 words

• • •

I have finished going through the prologue and first 2 chapters of OTR. So far I am not changing as much as I thought I was going to change, not gonna lie. It’s almost like this is my 12th goddamn book or something.

Sidebar: if you apply subscript and superscript to text in the WordPress block editor it makes the text small and hovers it in the middle of the line. Fucking why??? Like, I know why it happens, it’s both above and below so therefore in the middle, but fucking why???

No but editing OTR has me thinking about my editing process and I feel the need to write it out, so I figured I would share it here. It’s not set in stone, I’ve been trying to nail down a baseline editing process since I started bookmaking and it still eludes me to this day, but I think I may have the best version yet right now. I’ll list it all nice-like for your asses.

  1. Rough Draft
    • Read through the unformatted manuscript in Scrivener; make the changes, name the unnamed subchapters. When finished, read through it again to hit everything I may have missed. Then, copy and paste text into book manuscript.
  2. Book Draft
    • A short time later – a day or 2, perhaps more – read through the semi-formatted manuscript in Word; make the changes, format the text, write the bookmaker’s note, and do everything else the book needs done. When finished, read through it again to hit everything I may have missed. Then, order the proof copy.
  3. Proof Draft
    • When it arrives – however the fuck long that might take, still waiting on The Monksville Chronicles – read through the proof copy word by word and pencil in any remaining changes and corrections. When finished, import the changes into the manuscript on the computer, then read through it one last time to eliminate any and all doubts. At this point, all should be said and done; submit for publishing.

It’s definitely thorough, and that’s the most important thing when it comes to editing a body of writing, I think. When it comes to doing anything, really. Being thorough in your moves. My only concern with this iteration of the editing process is that it requires 6 readthroughs and I am notorious for not giving a fuck about the current readthrough when there is/are another/more ahead of me, but uh… maybe I should just get the fuck over myself and not half-ass the damn work, yeah? Yeah.

So yeah. I could keep going with it today, but I’m fidna do some writing. Get that Untitled Godspace Project going. In the past I would force myself to only work on one project at a time, even if that required a lot of downtime. Especially if that required a lot of downtime. But where I’m at now, fuck that shit. I’m a bookmaker. I’m the bookmaker. I’m more than capable of having a couple things simultaneously going for myself. A few things, if you include The Bookmaker’s Note Volume 1.

It’s currently 2:49. This shall mark the end of today’s TBN. If I end up doing the writing I said I’m going to do, I will alter the Writing log to reflect as much. If you’re reading this post and all you see is TBN in the Writing log, it means I am bullshit anthropomorphized. Either way, how many words did you write today?

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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