Changes II | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/30/21

Writing log: TBN +1,197 words

• • •

I did it. I made the changes. This is Changes II | The Bookmaker’s Note 4/30/21 LIVE at 5:51 am. Fueled by pure gumption and herbal tea I stayed up overnight and did all the website work. I have updated virtually every single webpage on The Hillside Commons. I changed themes, I added a few widgets to the sidebar, I got rid of the pointless Shopify store to simplify the operation and save money and also so the stalker can’t creep anymore, I went through each individual book page and it was so time-consuming, sweet Christ it took all night. I even updated all 100whatever remaining Untitled Bigfoot Project blog posts with the new setup I contrived for the bottom of the book posts. Yeah, that shit’s up to date, check back in 2 hours and see what I’m talking about. Go check out the website proper, too! Overnight, ‘man. The Hillside Commons literally went from that wonky-ass Scratchpad site to a dope-lookin’ whatever you call it overnight, and, AND, I terminated the photograph of the pile. The era is over, it’s gone. Done. I have a variant of it as the cover photo for the Facebook group but that’s different, that’s fine, I don’t give a hot goddamn about that. I’m all cleaned up now, you punk motherfuckers. I feel all sorts of good about myself. I literally decided to give myself a brand new website overnight, and then it fucking happened. I think it looks a lot better than the old version. Big step up. Happy birthday, Hunter, love Hunter. I’m not quite done, I still have to finish updating the two 2020 book pages, and theoretically I could update all the old blog posts. I need to finish up the The Monksville Chronicles posts too. Christ, I’ve been talking about that book since I started this series and it’s still not announced and running. What the fuck, ‘man? In the past I had the Shopify store so I would order an author copy of my book when the publish happened and then when the physical copy arrived I took a new pile picture and a solo picture for the Shopify store and then I would announce the shit, it caused a big delay but I was able to update the entire operation in one foul swoop so I did it. But now, without the Shopify store, I’ve saved $230. That’s money in the fucking bank, okay? Already a good move. Second, my release timeline just got hacked down in the best way possible. I’m gonna be able to have the posts for Over the River going up almost immediately after it’s published. Quite possibly day of. I did so much good for myself tonight. It should have been like this all along, I know, and I have been meaning to do this for a long-ass time. Well I finally did it. HAHAAAA I finally updated the fucking website. I won, motherfuckers!

I will be the first one to point out that this, combined with yesterday’s rendition of The Note, to some, may seem soggy with mental illness. Just dripping with the shit. Yes, the word mania does have meaning to me, as does bipolar. As do most fucking words. Guess what? I have no diagnosis; that is to say, it’s all for The Note, baby. Look out for The Bookmaker’s Note Volume 1 January 2022 , it’s coming. I can see it now: Nine months’ worth of a madman’s ravings. I already have the manuscript set up, this post lasts until page ## so long as this gets printed in a 9×6. Might have to go up to a 10×7 if the situation demands it. Fucking hell, imagine? Well, if you’re reading this in the book then you know the outcome. Shit, if you’re reading this in the book I hope it came out all right. I have some plans for this shit. Some goofy fucking plans, ‘man. Hey, you peek ahead to the back yet? Regardless, I often comment that I have no idea what this series is, but it is right now, at 6:13 am, that I believe I may have figured it out: I literally just go. Like, this is literally my mind straight splattered on the screen/page with no filter or direction. I mean, there’s a general direction, but for the most part it’s just go. So like, whatever comes out comes out, y’know what I mean? You see those dots up there? Nothing below those dots is meant to be taken seriously. I’m saying this paragraph solely out of insecurity, for some reason I’m afraid folks will read these posts and think there’s something wrong with me or that I’m crying out for help LMFAO that is literally my concern. But no, I am okay. This is just me letting it go. It feels good to let it go, ‘man. Just let it hang out. Connect with the audience, give progress updates. It’s self-motivating, too. I don’t have time to write a lot when I’m editing – and if I have backend work, fucking forget it. I go to war against fucking backend work. It’s quarter after six in the morning, I woke up yesterday you fucks. I’ve been doing backend work all night, from sundown to sunup. I am dedicated to The Commons, I am in this shit for the long game – fuck, I need to start over.

When I’m editing or have other work to do I don’t seem to write as much as I do when I only have writing on the agenda, but having this series that I need to do at some point, usually the end, sometimes the beginning of every day is just fabulous for me. No sarcasm. It’s fun to share my progress when I hit big numbers, too. I’m going to put a 10,000 up there soon, I have a funny feeling. I don’t know ‘man, I’ve been fighting the stay up all night working and then sleep the day off thing for a long-ass time now, but like… I was also running 3 miles and working out for an hour every day for a long-ass time and I dropped that shit like a sack of bricks and I have zero regrets. I sometimes run now. Haven’t touched the workout app since the last time I wrote about it here. I don’t feel bad. The weed probably has something to do with it, but also, I’m not a fucking athlete. I coached cross country at one point but I got out of that, it’s a long and unfortunate story but I got the fuck out of that and I am in pretty good shape, I’m lean, I could honestly stand to gain some weight. That’s not the point. I don’t know what the point is. I don’t know why I’m still writing this. I think I’m waiting for it to come to a good and natural end point aaaaaand… well I guess this is it.

6:35 am. Ruler of Everything. Variations on a Cloud. I’m going to sleep like a rucking rock.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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