Post and Ghost | The Bookmaker’s Note 5/3/21

Writing log: TBN +671 words

• • •

I’m not sure why, but I bugged myself right the hell out about sharing my The Monksville Chronicles post on Facebook today. I tried to rush through it and wound up fucking up all the posts, accidentally made ads out of them. Didn’t realize it happened until they were already posted. Whatever, I’ll learn from it. I detest Facebook, all forms of social media in general really. The smart technology ain’t all that smart, the social networks ain’t all that social. Post and ghost, that is my strategy. I use the stuff, but I interact with it as little as physically possible. I do check the numbers a lot, though. More than I should. Viewership was pretty high today, higher than it’s been in a while. Thanks folks (0:

So I edited a couple of subchapters in Over the River today. Progress! I meant to do more but the day got away from me. The work I managed to get done was solid, though. After this go-through I’m going to copypaste the text into the book manuscript in Word and then let it settle out for a few days before starting Step 2 (patent pending). I’m decidedly taking my time with editing Over the River, between The Note and UBP and now TMC I have 3 daily blog posts going up and will continue to have that going for the next few months. My stream of content is solid, and therefore I feel no reason to rush. Over the River will be ready when it is ready, as will ANATH, as will TDI.

Speaking of TDI, I’m not sure about the back-book anymore. I was thinking of putting the piece I’ve been calling “untitled Godspace project” back there, but today I wrote the beginning of another piece that also takes place in Godspace. The Godspace book might be its own book. Actually, it will be its own book. I know exactly what I’m going to put into the back of TDI. Oh shit. Oh shit, hypothetical reader, do you know what this means? I think Existence is fidna spiral forever forward. Christ, I need to get my ass in gear! There are books to be made!

I couldn’t figure out how to fit this in anywhere else in the post, but I’m not going to share The Note to Facebook anymore. The Note is special, ‘man, The Note is The Note, there’s no fucking with The Note. If you want to read The Note you’ve gotta go through my website, you’ve gotta be looking for it. Or I suppose you could find it on WordPress… Reader? Is that what it’s called? Post and ghost, guys. Anyway, uh, yeah. The Note won’t go to Facebook anymore. I don’t want The Hillside Commons to have any paywalls as far as content goes, but I kind of like the idea of having a behind-the-scenes-ish series you need to follow the blog to be privy to. It’s sort of like putting out content for Patreon subscribers except instead of paying me money, y’all will pay me your attention and undying devotion.

The end goal of this is to start a cult, okay? There. It’s all out in the open. We will be The Human Cult, we’ll all wear garments made of silk and leather and we’ll live in the mountains in some forest and we’ll all make art all day, it’ll be great. Psychedelic drugs will be the official religion. Not any one in particular, just psychedelic drugs in general. No real belief system either, we’ll just do ’em as much as we possibly can. And we’ll assemble a library. The Library of Alexandria Mk II: The The Hillside Commons Edition. I bet you can tell I’ve thought a lot about this. Well, it’s happening. Secret recruitment is starting now. To those of you who know who you are: I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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