Oct the Ninth – Untitled Bigfoot Project (124/224)

Oct the Ninth

I only wound up writing about 500 words yesterday; after everything that happened I just wasn’t feeling like doing much work. The work I did was great – I wrote this passage about a baby black bear that I think is going to kill – and besides, it’s not about writing the longest thing possible. I want a balance between quality and quantity; too long and I’ll never get it done, and if I’m too focused on making it “perfect” then I’ll never get it done either. It’s just like Jason said, writing fiction is akin to lifting weights: you can only do so much at a time before you hurt yourself. Don’t bash a hole into the wall with your head, just use the door right next to you.

That said, I’m about to use the door. A few of them, actually; my writing is done for the day and my woman is on her way over from work, she had a half day and she’s going upstate with her egregious family (my words for her words, not my own words) to see her grandmother this weekend so she wanted to spend some time with me before she went home, which works out because I wanted to spend some time with her, too. I’m go’n’a show her The True Commons for the first time today, I hope she doesn’t think I’m weird for going out there and making it. I mean, she definitely thinks I’m a weird dude – one of the first things I said to her was that I’m writing a novel about bigfoot, for Christ’s sake – but, y’know, that’s a good kind of weird. That’s unique. Going into the woods and doing yardwork might be seen as the weird kind of weird, like, the Logger’s Pond kind of weird.

Eh, I’m not really worried. Not like I’m bringing her back there to fuck her. I wouldn’t stop her if she tried to take things that way, of course, but fucking in the woods isn’t something I’d go ahead and initiate. The smell attracts bears, and I’m not even kidding lmfao. If you were human you’d get a kick out of that, Journal. I know you would, because you’re practically me, and I snickered writing it. Hah.

So yeah. I’m’a go’n’a go.

…                                     …                                    …

Say thankya, Journal. ‘Preciate ya. Long days and pleasant nights~

This has been the next journal entry from Untitled Bigfoot Project. Here is everything you need to know about it:

Untitled Bigfoot Project

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If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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