Oct the Tenth – Untitled Bigfoot Project (127/224)

Oct the Tenth

Well Journal… Albey found the bigfoot nest. It’s, uh… it’s pretty fucking gruesome. Folks who read this book are going to think I’m pretty goddamn twisted, but hey, it’s all fiction. It’s just a story.

I managed to work the concept of the “forest bride” into my novel about bigfoot, and let me tell you, it’s pretty fucking ugly. I took some, uh… liberties with it, too. Essentially, a “forest bride” is a human woman (usually a very tall and large human woman, as husky and hairy as possible) who is stolen into the woods by a male bigfoot to breed with in the event that there are no female bigfoots around. The movie Willow Creek features a forest bride right at the end – it’s a found footage film, and the guys go into the woods at night to look for bigfoot, and they hear this moaning and sobbing and so they follow it, and they eventually come to this (sorry’n’shit) whale of a woman with most of her clothing ripped off and she’s sobbing, she’s just wandering hopelessly through the dark woods, and then they hear and bunch of WHOOPs and shit goes sideways real fast. Real, real fuckin’ fast.

The viewer never sees the bigfoots in Willow Creek, which works really well for the suspense, and so far Albey hasn’t seen the bigfoots either. He’s seen the place where they live (I’m not sure he’ll ever be able to unsee it, tell you the truth) but he has yet to see the actual creatures. There’s going to be a war between them, and it’s going to go down at night, so I don’t know if he ever will see them… but there’s going to be a war, a war on the night of the Calla when the blind black wolves come a’hunting, and I don’t think it’s going to end prettily for anybody. The day of Death follows the day of War, so… maybe the rune symbolism is real. Freaky how they line up even though I came up with all them after I wrote the basic plot of the story.

Anywho… the passage about the bigfoot nest is only, like… oh shit, it’s almost 1,000 words long. That’s not, like, super crazy or anything, but… I’m lowkey disturbed by my work, so uh… I’m’a take a walk.

Oh wait, no I’m not, because the cloaked cunt who I thought me and Harry ran over with Harry’s fucking car might be out there. Fuck. I don’t even want to smoke because it’ll throw off my stream of consciousness, I’m not doing anything to get me off track until at least the manuscript is done… but, like… fuck, ‘man. I think I’m good for the day, I think I’ve written enough for the current stream of consciousness. Maybe I’ll just, I don’t know… eat myself into a coma or something. I need a nap.

…                                     …                                    …

Say thankya, Journal. ‘Preciate ya. Long days and pleasant nights~

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Untitled Bigfoot Project

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