Animals in the Woods | The Bookmaker’s Note 5/9/21

Bookmaking log: TBN +730 words | OTR revised 6 subchapters, 17 left of Step 1

• • •

I don’t know if I’m done for the day yet. The next subchapter is 7,000 words long. I know for sure that tomorrow I’m not gonna wanna fuckin’ start with a 7000-word chapter. That will slaughter me, Jesus fucking Christ.

Listen, I saw a bunch of animals today. I took a morning hike and I saw a bald eagle, a skink, a tortoise, a couple frogs, a pair turkeys, some squirrels, some miscellaneous birds. There are so many animals in the woods, dude. It was really cool. The morning hike was the move. If you’re never morning hiked then you need to get your ass in fucking gear, ‘man. Get out of bed at like 5 am and hike up a mountain and watch the sun rise. I didn’t do that today but it’s so fucking cool, it’s an entire vibe. Night hiking is fun, too. I go without a flashlight sometimes. Once I took a night walk with some pot and without a flashlight and on my way back I heard a bear snuffing in the woods off the side of my road. It was 2 am, scared the living fuck of me. I hauled ass up the big hill and hooked onto the dirt road that runs up the hill from my road then I crossed down through the woods and into my backyard. I’ve gone for many night walks since then. Backwoods shit, ‘man. Ain’t nothin’ but a thing.

I had a great resale day today. I sold a pair of old wooden folding chairs- THE DECORATIVE CHAIRS! I forgot I wrote about them the other day, yeah, they sold, and a lady came and took a box of Century 21 plastic half-piggybanks that’ve been sitting up in the shed for 2 fuckin’ years lol. Tomorrow will hopefully be good too, I set up 2 sales and I’m supposed to pick up a piece of free inventory. I’m back up on my bullshit y’all, makin’ books and sellin’ shit. The first year I did resale I made $4,000 gross, no bullshit. Kept a solid amount of it as profit, too. I’m thinking about dedicating a part of the website to resale, like, making a separate page for it. I think I could even put the Paypal “pay now” thing on the pages and set up a sort of store that doesn’t require fuckin’ Shopify… actually… it could be the online catalogue I’ve wanted to set up since the very beginning! Holy shit, that’s a fuckin idea! That might happen soon. That’s something to fuckin’ think on, tell you what.

So I’m proofreading Over the River. It’s going well. A little slower than I’m used to, but I’m all right with that. I’m going through the transition from smoking illegal weed to smoking legal weed, this is a big deal. In the past weed was honestly one of the main sources of stress in my life, like, I think smoking it has a very positive impact on me but I would always have to deal with the black market and I’d get ripped off half the time and the other half of the time I’d get shitty fuckin’ ditchweed that I couldn’t do anything with. Getting illegal drugs is so fucking sketchy. I used to be into the acid and a few of the times I dropped the acid, it wasn’t acid. I don’t know what the fuck it was. You need to know the right folks and I did not and the cognitive dissonance between wanting the influence of psychedelics in my life and not being able to securely get them was very testing. Very stressful. But that’s gone now. I won’t be doing shrooms or acid anytime soon, but I’m not planning to. When I have a better setting, perhaps. Not until then, though. No point. I like my trips to be extremely spiritual and shit, life needs to lead up to it for it to be truly great. But yeah, ‘man. The weed is just kind of there now. I am legally high and it’s okay. The fucking game has changed.

Okay, I’m going to do the subchapter. It’s happening. Might be the only other thing I do tonight, but I’m fuckin’ doing it.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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