Oct the Eleventh – Untitled Bigfoot Project (129/224)

Oct the Eleventh


Not go’n’a lie, I am absolutely dreading writing this next chapter of my book. Like, utterly dreading it. Don’t know why, and by that I mean there are a couple reasons but I’m not sure which one is the main one. There’s the fact that it’s going to be in past tense, which is annoying for me to write – I much prefer present tense writing, something I’ve learned during this whole process – there’s the fact that the chapter takes place on Tuesday, which is before a whole lot of stuff happened, and I have to like go back in time to put myself in Albey’s head; there’s… actually, those are the two reasons. Technically it’s one reason: the second to last chapter (discluding the Envoi) takes place back in time, and I don’t want to go back in time.


I guess I should just do it, right? Just force myself? But then won’t it make the writing shitty? Shouldn’t it just flow naturally, shouldn’t I not even need to want to write it, shouldn’t I just open my eyes and suddenly be on my laptop typing away like a madman? I know I could take the day off if I wanted to, but honestly… honestly I don’t want to. It wouldn’t mess me up, I’m just already so far in; I feel like taking a day off now would be stupid. Like, I’ll have plenty of time to take the day off when the ‘script is done, and if I wait then I’ll be able to take a day off knowing the manuscript of my first novel is done and ready to be edited.


Makes me wonder if other folks have a writing experience similar to mine. I can’t imagine a lot do; most folks who want to be fiction writers know they want to be fiction writers in advance, like, they go to school for it. It just kind of… happened for me. Like, I had nothing else to do, so now I’m doing this. I wanted to be a poet.


How come I can write all of this without even thinking, but when it comes time to get down to The Hillside Commons I get all anxious and I feel like everything is impossible? Maybe sitting at my desk is just uncomfortable, maybe I should write in bed. Naked, too. I sleep naked sometimes, maybe writing naked will make it easier.


Just ugh. I wish Tori was here… not because I want to be naked with her, but like… I just want to do absolutely anything but write Tuesday: Conclusion. But then again, so long as I don’t write it it won’t be written… ugh. I’m tired. I won’t be able to nap though. I’ve exhausted my napping muscles as of late.


Guess I’ll just do it.

…                                     …                                    …


Say thankya, Journal. ‘Preciate ya. Long days and pleasant nights~

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Untitled Bigfoot Project

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