Ongoing | The Bookmaker’s Note 5/11/21

Bookmaking log: TBN +795 words

• • •

I changed my mind, noted reader. I’ll tell you about The Great Revamp.

When I first started making books, I knew nothing of the craft. Now, in my third year of the game, I know only one thing for sure: I’ve learned a few things about bookmaking since I started making books. The books I make, ‘man, they’re basically my kids, and I want to clean them up and make them a little more presentable. Hence, The Great Revamp.

I’ve reorganized the books. In addition to a series, each book is also now part of a spiral. A spiral is an overarching story, like it was before. All I really did was decide to stop numbering the spirals, and that probably seems like a small thing, but it opens up worlds of possibilities for the writing. No longer is it the Three Spirals; now, there are just three spirals: The Highest One Writing (complete), The Fall of the Seven Earths (ongoing), and The Here and Now (ongoing).

In reorganizing the books like this, I’ve made everything I put out thus far obsolete. The publishing page in every single book has to be changed now, therefore all of the books require a republishing, and you know what they need on top of that? A fuckin’ updating, a cleaning-up, a revamping. There’s a noticeable difference in quality between the books in the The Highest One Writing spiral and the rest of my books, and I’ve been tinkering with Over the River‘s manuscript so much that I believe it’s going to set a new bar for me as far as bookmaking goes. Over the River will be the third and final entry in the The Fall of the Seven Earths trilogy – oh yeah, I’m writing trilogies now – and it’s going to look a hell of a lot better than its first two entries. That’s no good. Hence, The Great Revamp.

I’m revamping every book. For the books in The Highest One Writing, that involves completely rebuilding the manuscripts from scratch. I just finished (like, 2 minutes ago) rebuilding A Lyme-Brained Rhyme Game and the manuscript shrunk by about 70 pages. Conversely, the manuscripts for Roadtrip and Running both got longer, but that’s only because I added in the books that were originally supposed to be hidden in the backs of them. The 2 The 2020 Event books are probably going to shrink, which is only a good thing because it means the paperback prices can go down.

After I’m done rebuilding The Highest One Writing I’m going to hit The Fall of the Seven Earths, update the publishing pages, put in the headers. Flowers needs more attention than Under the Hood, there might be some rebuilding involved with Flowers. When they’re both revamped I’m going to give the text of each a round of proofreading and then if the timing works out I’ll include a memo about them in the Over the River announcement post. Oh, I’m also going to finish Over the River during this step. Q2 if humanly possible.

After The Fall of the Seven Earths is all squared away I’m going to revamp & revise The Monksville Chronicles and Untitled Bigfoot Project. I feel like they’re both owed a solid round of proofreading. I feel like I half-assed them, that’s just what it is. I feel like I half-assed all my books. Not Over the River, I feel good about Over the River, but the rest of my books aren’t on the same level as Over the River. Yet. Hence, The Great Revamp.

When The Here and Now is properly revamped, that will leave only the revision phase of The Highest One Writing. I’m going to be straightforward: this is not on the top of my list. I’m rebuilding the manuscripts first in hopes I decide to start proofreading it sooner, like, maybe I’ll dedicate an hour to it every day or something, but from where I’m sitting right now, it’s like, maybe I’ll start doing it while I’m writing the next book after Over the River. I have 3 books I’d like to release in 2021 after Over the River: ANATH, TDI, and the untitled Godspace project. I don’t know what order I’ll do them in but I’m gonna do my best to get them all done and done right, and if that means putting off The Highest One Writing then so be it. I don’t love revisiting old work, but the lack of qualitative unity between my books has always haunted me, and now that I’ve figured out the whole spiral thing this just feels like the perfect time to do it. So why not?

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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