The Muskellunge – The Monksville Chronicles (8/124)

A Tale of Giants

Sit and listen, small giants,
for the endtimes have found us,
and I’ve one final story to tell.

The Muskellunge

By the end of autumn, the land was colonized. The Monks Tribe built the first of many floodgates in the Wanaque, separating the greater Reservoir from the pocket of water from which the Fishing Village pulled its livelihood, and built a road over it. The Tribe of the Forge, after building roads everywhere (even overtop the great beavers’ dam!) discovered a brilliant new craft called sandbaking, and they used their skills to build tanks which could hold live fish inside a small body of water. The Monks tribe traded deer- and fishmeat for these tanks, and a fish hatchery was soon established in the lowlands. The giants would travel far to lands North-, East-, South-, and even West- in search of eggs or spawning pairs of desirable fish they wished to introduce into their Monksville; one giant – The Giant – brought to the hatchery a prime species of lakebreather known only as the muskellunge, a mighty underwater hunter, an apex predator of the deep. There were two of these lakebreathers, a male and a female, and it is with this spawning pair that our tale truly begins.

This has been the seventh subchapter of the first chapter of The Monksville Chronicles. Here is everything you need to know about it:

The Monksville Chronicles

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