Oct the Fifteenth – Untitled Bigfoot Project (138/224)

Oct the Fifteenth

I just finished reading through the Exordium. I read each subchapter once, named it, and then read it again before moving on to the next. They’re called “The Path of Madness,” “The Only Way,” “Comfort on This Terrible Night,” and (ready for this shit?) “Archaic Secrets and Esoteric Knowledge.”

Journal, at first I was questionable. At first I was deleting some stuff, thinking along the lines of, ‘Why the fuck did I write that? Did I even have any concept of what the fuck I was doing?’ Y’know, just generally doubting myself. But the more I read the more into it I got,  and I have to say, I feel so fucking good about this book. Almost all, if not all, of the lines I deleted I wound up going back and undeleting because, as it turned out, I wrote them specifically to lead to other lines. Like, it feels like everything is as it should be. I’m adding a little bit here and there – you know, general descriptors, changing some words around, etc etc – but on the whole, I wrote pretty much what I meant to write. It’s almost as if I didn’t just put shit down for the sake of putting shit down, y’know? Like, in college I knew some aspiring writers who were like, “Yeah when I do my rough draft I just put down everything and anything, doesn’t matter how bad or stupid I think it is ‘cause I can just go back and delete it later,” and that’s fine, that works for some folks, but that’s not me. At least, so far, that doesn’t feel like me. I wasn’t writing this book just to write a book, I wrote this thing because the idea came to me, because the story demanded to be written. I was not drafting with the intent of getting the draft done as swiftly as I possibly could, I wrote what should have been written and didn’t bother putting down what didn’t need to be put down.

At least, that’s how it feels. I’m 13.5 pages in, so maybe my opinion will change, but honestly? I feel like I did this right. What’s today… Thursday. Okay, won’t finish reading through it by the weekend… but I might finish by the Oct the 19th, because Dark Tower. Actually, no. I only want to finish preparing the first draft to be first drafted by Oct the 19th because numbers, and I really want to stop doing things because numbers. So Oct the Twentieth, then, just because it’s not Oct the 19th. Fuck the numbers.

Yeah. That gives me six days to read the rest of the book twice, I think I can do it. I mean, my shit’s about 60,000 words, right? The Gunslinger (w/ Little Sisters) is well over 70,000 and I read that in a single day. I think I even read Drawing of the Three in a single day, and that shit’s over 100,000. Gah, numbers; what I’m trying to say is: I got this. Six days, eight chapters and a short story. I got this!

In fact, I think I’m going to read through chapter Sunday today, too. Just because I’m feeling it so much. That, and because Albey the Mad Poet deserves it. I love that ‘man, mayhap even more than I love Tori, and for him, I will go to the limits of the endless wood.

…                                     …                                    …

Oh, also, I decided that I’m not going to do any more log entries. It was kind of fun keeping track of the word count while I was writing the book, but at the same time it made me kind of anxious. I’ll let you know what the grand total is once the third draft is completed and the book is ready to publish, because when it’s final it’ll be final, but until then I’m’a let that shit be fluid.

Oh, also, I forgot to mention before: I generated the skeleton of my manuscript, and by that I mean I have the Word document all set up and ready for text. I even copied and pasted the Exordium in there, which is how I know I’m 13.5 pages in. Heheheh. I went with a 6”x9”, just because I could (and to save money on printing). I’m’a self-publish it through Amazon, I’ve decided, and then send a finished-looking product to that Mister Kyng guy with the suspect phone number (123-456-7890? Like, really?) and the business card with the amazing slogan. “From this day on, we move forever forward.” That shit resonated with me something fierce, and I may or may not have borrowed it multiple times in The Face of Fear. Hope he’s not mad, lol. But uh, yeah, I went with a font called “Roboto Slab” for the body text and the title/chapter head text is called “Colonna MT,” and I got’a say, shit looks FIRE!!! There’s a letter written by Iuqon the Mage before he died, too, and I gave his handwriting its own font. It’s called Tempus Sans ITC, and it, too, looks FIRE AS FUCK! No, fire as magelight, because STORY. Also, I found this little thing in the symbols called a “dagger” (there’s also one called a “double dagger”) and I’m using them both in the chapter heads, oh, and for the main seven chapters I’m doing a thing with the page where the front says the chapter, and the back is going to have a picture of one of the seven runes I made up for the days of the weeks, and on the back it’s going to be in Iuqon’s handwriting, and and and… ahhhh I love this so much. I know I’ve only stepped very shallowly into the splash pool beneath the twin falls, so to speak, but I am absolutely enamored with this novelwriting thing. I really think I found my calling, Journal. I almost can’t believe it, but I really think I found my calling.

…                                     …                                    …

Whoops, didn’t mean to gush that much, but what can I say? I am EXCITED!! I’m’a get back to it now, though. Later.

…                                     …                                    …

Say thankya, Journal. ‘Preciate ya. Long days and pleasant nights~

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