Oct the Twentieth – Untitled Bigfoot Project (143/224)

Oct the Twentieth

I was thinking about this stupid shit all night, which, honestly, I’m not even that mad about. Better this than sex, right?

So the thing about the chapters ending high up on the odd pages – here’s the thing. All my chapters start on odd pages, I don’t play with that asinine “starting a chapter on the back of a page” thing. Fuck that shit. Other folks – most folks, I would assume – probably don’t give a shit about it, but for me, when I’m reading a book and the new chapter starts on an even page, it bugs me. It literally takes away from the reading experience. I don’t know why, it just does, and I hate it.

Anyway, the ending high on the odd page thing. It feels like I’m wasting space, feels like I’m wasting pages. That’s why it bothers me; it’s not because I feel like I’m not trying hard enough, it just feels like I’m wasting pages, and that sucks. But the thing is, my book is a 6”x9”. The seventh chapter – seven out of nine, ten with the Addendum – starts on page 135. This book isn’t even going to be longer than 200 pages. You know what that means? That means I’m not wasting shit. In fact, that means I’m saving paper. Just for the fuck of it I altered my manuscript to see how long it would be if I went with an 8”x5”, only one square inch of difference (if I’m not a mathematical idiot, which, I might be), and here’s what I learned: were I to be going with the smaller paper size, my chapter Tuesday would start on page 186.



That’s 50 extra pages. 50!!! If ALL of my chapters ended on the first line of the odd page (which they don’t), then I would be wasting no more than 20 pages total. That is to say, this is a nonissue. It doesn’t matter where the chapters end because I’m saving so much paper (and printing money, ho-ho hey-hey) that it doesn’t matter. Besides, it’s not like the chapters that end on the odd pages are wasteful, either. Having that blank even page will add to the reading experience, give it some nuance or ambiance or something, I don’t know. It’ll work out, though; above all else, I know it’ll all work out in the end.

And that’s what matters.

…                                     …                                    …

So today is the day which will end with the night when Tori comes over. I’m lowkey nervous to see her tbh. We haven’t been texting a lot (we normally don’t; did in the beginning, but we both got pretty tired of always staring at our phones) aside from the “goodmorning” and “goodnight” texts and occasional calls. Idek what I’m going to say to her. I guess I’ll start with “hello” lol. Whatever. That’s still a grand many hours off, and I have a grand lot of work to do until then.

Chapter Tuesday, Friday, Envoi, and Addendum. All in all, about 13,000 words. 26,000, because I’m reading them all twice for whatever fucking reason, but, y’know. Actually, I know the reason. So I never do it again! I got’a make mistakes to learn, it’s the only way my brain knows how to function, and as far as mistakes go, giving my first novel a couple extra readthroughs isn’t the worst. Not by far. It’s not like, I don’t know, GOING TO COLLEGE AND LETTING NICHOLAS FUCKING LYSAN TAKE THE LAST SPOT IN THE FICTION WRITING CLASS OR WHATEVER IT WAS CALLED.

No, definitely not the worst mistake. Not by far. So I’m’a go make my mistake, then I’m going to have dinner with the family, spend the evening with my woman, and go the fuck to sleep. Tomorrow will be the first day of the draf–

Oh yeah, one more thing. I’ve figured out my drafting process going forward, but I have yet to write it down. So I’m’a do that.

  1. First Draft: Copy/paste raw Scrivener text into Word, read through, eliminate justify gaps.
  2. Second Draft: Ensure the story flows; in other words, make it seem like I knew what I was doing the whole time.
  3. Third Draft: Read through proof copy, make sure I wrote what I wanted to write. Apply any last-minute changes. Publish.

And that’s it. As much as I love this, it’s only writing, and at the end of the day there’s only so much I can do; no sense in bashing my head against a wall, knah’mean? No? Well you should, Journal; were it not for you, I would probably bash my head against a wall pretty often. And for that, I say thankya, Journal. ‘Preciate ya. Long days and pleasant nights~

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Untitled Bigfoot Project

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If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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