God Is Real, and the Mushrooms are He! | The Bookmaker’s Note 6/10/21

Bookmaking log: submitted finished Roadtrip for publishing

• • •

“Life is a bitch, and word is she has gonorrhea. Don’t expect her to clap for you.”

I heard the first half of that in the song Out There by Joey Cool (feat. JL, Ces Cru, and Tech N9ne) and then I came up with the second half. Goddamn bar, if I do say so myself.


“To believe in a higher power is to live your life for something that does not exist outside of the moments in which it does.”

If you’ve tried psychedelic drugs, think about this: mayhap the concept of religion – not necessarily the major religions in the world now, but the human concepts of religion and belief in higher/lower powers itself – originates from psychedelic drug use. Psychedelic drugs are a metaphor for a higher power, in a way, that way being similar to the way that dollar bills are metaphors for gold and whatnot; during a psychedelic drug trip, you may experience certain things that defy and make mockery of what you know as the “laws of reality”, things you likely will not experience unless you are under the effects of psychedelic drugs… kind of like divine intervention. If the higher power is not there, the higher power is not coming; if you do not take the psychedelic drugs, the trip is not coming. Obviously the difference here is the fact that you can take a psychedelic drug more or less whenever you want while you cannot summon a higher deity to your side more or less whenever you want, but that’s modern times. Imagine the days when ‘man first discovered psychedelic drugs. They’re roaming the lands, they’ve yet to establish villages based off their thirst for alcohol and they’re out there a’roam and every now and then, they come upon these strange mushrooms that the eldest elder likes to eat. So they eat the mushrooms and they get this overwhelming sense, they experience this transcendent moment of understanding exactly how small they really are, of understanding how much else might be out there, how much is out there, how much must be out there for them to have existed as long as they have in the first place! There must be a higher power, and it lies in these mushrooms! God is real, and the mushrooms are He! [Don’t even get me fucking started on DMT, okay?] So over time ‘mankind lives and they use these mushrooms as their God and eventually they realize that, if they know what to look for, God sometimes communicates with them when they’re not having the mushroom trip. Maybe God got out of the mushrooms…! OR… or maybe God was never in the mushrooms. Maybe God was real the entire time and He used the mushrooms to communicate with us when He did because that was when we were ready.

And then the one in the tribe who everyone picks on, y’know, the one who’s smaller than everyone, probably the one who gets raped the most because this is the dawn of humanity I’m talking about and if you’re going to sit there and hypothetically read this and tell yourself that you don’t think rape happened on the constant before our civilization got civilized, well, you can go ahead and keep lying to yourself, but I want none of it. Oh, and also, rape. So anyway, the one who hates the world and him(probably)self more than everyone else thought to himself, ‘Hey, what if I took mushrooms out of the equation?’ And then he said, “Hey, everyone! God just talked to me! I heard his voice!” And then everyone believed him because matters of God are to be taken very seriously and frankly if there’s anyone in the tribe God would talk to it would be that kid because, well, everyone beats him and rapes him and really just picks on him in general and he has some good graces coming his way. So he got everyone listening to him, and then he said God told him that it’s time to stop taking the mushrooms, that we don’t need them anymore, that God is with us and the mushrooms will poison us if anybody eats one again, and everybody cautiously believes him. Except for one member of the tribe: the eldest elder, the shaman, the one who the tribe respects the most, the one who introduced the tribe to the mushrooms in the first place. He respectfully disagrees with the child who claims to hear the voice of the divine in his ear and, to prove his case, eats a handful of mushrooms right in front of everyone.

“If I am awake in the morning,” he says, “the mushrooms are safe, and we shall move forever forward!” And then he goes to sleep, as this meeting happened at the evening powwow. The next morning, the shaman is found dead in a bloody mess on the floor of his hut, which corresponds with but might not be causally linked to the child who claims to hear the voice of the divine in his ear who is also the shithead child that everyone hates (there is always one) and therefore attracts the villages’ stray negativity… the kid woke up with a scratched palm and bite marks on his lower arm, almost as if he, I don’t know… took a rock in his fist and shoved it down the shaman’s throat as far as it would go and just start mashing around in there until the old fuck stopped biting him before cleaning off in the river/waterfall (the shaman is a shaman, there was a river/waterfall in the vicinity of his resting place) and running home. Almost like that, but there’s no proof. Everyone was asleep. Besides, God talks to the child. Why would God talk to a child who would murder the shaman? It must have been the mushrooms, there’s no other explanation.

First, the mushrooms were God. Then, God spoke through the mushrooms. Now, God speaks through the boy, and the boy says they need to write a book. Y’know, just to make sure everybody’s on the same page about how this whole God thing works around here.


Tonight, the temps are dropping down to the mid 50s and that’s it. A little overcast, no rain. I’m sleeping in the goddamn woods tonight. Also, hiatus is over. One day at a time, ‘man.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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