Woods All Night | The Bookmaker’s Note 6/11/21

Bookmaking log: submitted finished A Lyme-Brained Rhyme Game for publishing

• • •

So I was in the woods all night last night. Didn’t necessarily sleep, per se, but I was in the woods. Crawled out of my tent stinkin’ like sweat, pot, and campfire at 0530, dim sunlight just barely burning through the canopy. Took a piss, relit the fire, packed a bowl. Brilliant morning. Filled a few pages in my little spiral notebook last night, too. Those pages might amount to more pages in the future. Time will tell.

So listen. The Revamped Books page is still dead. My first 3 books are done and settled, but I can’t get the website 100% updated because I’m waiting on Amazon. They need to approve the Roadtrip paperback and both versions of Lyme-Brained, and for whatever reason I still can’t order author copies of Running from the US so I can’t figure out what my prices are going to be yet, therefore the updates must wait. These are old books, there’s no point in putting them out piecemeal. It’ll get done, it’ll all fall into place eventually. I still have 9 books to go, one step at a time’s the only way to do it. With the first 3 books done I’d like to make more progress on |The Main Event| tomorrow, but we shall see what happens.

I need to get some sleep now before I return to obscure. Peace, loves.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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