Late | The Bookmaker’s Note 6/14/21

Bookmaking log: finished 30 pages of |The Main Event|; 351 pages to go

• • •

Damn, got late quick. This is probably going to land past midnight. That’s all right. Short one.

So yeah, worked on |TME| today. I’m not done yet, didn’t get started until late because of errands so I’m going to keep going until I’m at least done with day 2. That’ll be on page 188, I think. I’m currently on 165.


This is hard, ‘man. Going through these old books like this. At this point in my life, this is hard. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do this again. It puts me back to the mindstate I was in when I was writing them, and I wrote them during a very difficult part of my life. I’m so, so very much looking forward to THOW being done. After that I’m looking to hit TMC, then I’ll get TFotSE done, then I have an idea for a new book I’d like to write (I need to write something new after the first 3 quarters of this editing is done, even OTR isn’t new to me anymore) and after that’s out I’m going to revise UBP (might rename it, time will tell) and move on to writing my next big book. I’m saving UBP’s revamping for last because the next big book is going to be the next entry in the W-428 series and the next arc in the Novelwriter spiral, so I want UBP to be fresh in my mind for it. Good things are coming, noted readers. Just gotta be patient.

I write that last line more for myself than for you, I think. I don’t even know that you’re pressuring me to finish and write new books. I know that I’m pressuring me to finish the old stuff and write new books because I REALLY WANT TO MOVE FOREVER FORWARD WITH MY SHIT but the shit I went through to get to where I am was a lot of shit and it will take time to move on from, I acknowledge and understand that… I just wish the time would pass. Realistically we’re looking at {probably} the end of July for THOW. Maybe August, because of Convenient Incidents, but yeah. No more than another month and a half and it’ll all be done and out. All the books are going to be done by the end of this year. Fuckin’, my 13th book is going to be done by the end of this year, I don’t give a single fuck. I just feel like I’m late is all. Like, the books should have been finished when I first put them out. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was new at this and all, but like… goddamn, if I had just taken my time and let myself finish these in the past I could have saved myself sssoooooooooooooooo much time. When you cut a corner you make two more, I have learned this to be true.

I really hope you don’t mind that I’m doing this right now. Finishing all the old books, I mean. They need it. Trust me, from what I’ve fixed so far they definitely need it. Besides, maybe in a few years I’ll start to make a real name for myself in this world and fans will be able to read where I started. I’m a Stephen King fan and after I read a bunch of his stuff I aquired a copy of The Bachman Books and I really enjoyed it.

By the way, I’m hella late on this and I might have even mentioned it before, I don’t remember, but someone tipped me. On the website. I set up a little thing on my website for folks to tip me and someone did, a dude in Michigan tipped me a dollar. That’s proof of concept, baby. He looked at my website, took one look at my work and said, “Yeah, this is worth it.” Proof of concept, motherfucker. Not that I need proof. I’ve sold a paperback/ebook or 2 in my day. Not enough to call the plug but enough to mention in a blog post. The Hillside Commons can work. I can be the bookmaker, my life can legitimately revolve around Existence and the books I write about Her, I just gotta finish the old stuff. For while I do not know for sure that my books will “take off”, I do know for sure that it won’t happen unless I finish them. I’mma bet it all because I don’t have shit to lose… actually, that’s not true. I could lose the weed. Losing the weed would literally be the end lmao, can’t lose the weed.

Also, thank you to the MO man who tipped me. That’s why I brought it up, I didn’t mean to devolve into anxiety. That just kind of happened LOL

I’m okay. It’s just that I’m working on T2E |TME|. But I’m more than a third of the way through. The work is getting done. I trust the Universe.

I’m gonna get back to it. This was a lot longer than I thought it would be. Hope you don’t mind my being late.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

• • •

Another thought: earlier I said that I want to MOVE FOREVER FORWARD WITH MY SHIT or whatever I said. What I’m doing now, finishing THOW, this is moving forever forward. I’m moving forward up an 89° angle, but I am moving forward. It doesn’t feel like it, because I’m going through my old shit and I feel like I’m going to have to go through the books a second time after I’m done because I always made myself do that in the past, but I am moving forever forward. Letting go of the past is hard but goddamn will it feel good when I’m not holding on anymore.

I’m not sure who I’m writing this for at this point but there you go

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