Doing | The Bookmaker’s Note 6/17/21

Bookmaking log: finalized 20 pages of Convenient Incidents, 272 to go

• • •

Didn’t mean to land so late with this, but here we are. I’ll try to be as concise as possible:


  • Arcs I-V of The Highest One Writing (plus The Monksville Chronicles) are finalized, published, and plugged into the website
    • I’m not going to update the pages or blog posts for the 2 The 2020 Event books, waste of time
      • This goes for all old blog posts going forward
    • The prices of the 2 The 2020 Event eBooks have been halved
  • Going forward, all Amazon paperbacks will be priced as low as physically possible.
  • Signed copies of all finished books are now available for purchase directly through The Hillside Commons


  • Finalizing Convenient Incidents (THOW arc VI)

To Do

  • Finish and release The Fall of the Seven Earths
    1. Finish step 1 of editing OTR
    2. Finalize Flowers
    3. Step 2 of editing OTR
    4. Finalize UTH
    5. Finalize OTR
  • Make a new book
    • Surprise(!)
    • W-63 entry 8, The Here and Now arc II, acronym TR
    • Idea came from my dad, I think it’s gonna be dope
  • Finalize Untitled Bigfoot Project

Going through the first The 2020 Event book was fucking with my mind, so I stopped. It and its sequel are as finished as they’re going to be anyway, I’ve probably gone through them 420 times each. The Monksville Chronicles is done too, I just revised that, like, a month or whatever ago.

First on the list is Convenient Incidents because I need to take notes for the next W-63 book. Also, I need to be done with THOW once and for all, so I will be.

Next is The Fall of the Seven Earths, as I’m late as fuck with that as it is.

Then, making TR. After all this editing I need to make something new. Lucky you, 13th book inbound.

Then, putting the cherry on UBP. UBP is now arc I of the spiral Novelwriter. I have arc II for Novelwriter planned – TDI, if you remember – and it’s going to be the next big book. Not sure when I’m going to write it yet, but it’s going to be ddddooooppppeeee. And also big. Hope you’re patient.

As for ANATH and the untitled Godspace project, they’re still happening. They’re more eventually than anything else. All the books will be made eventually.

All right, it’s not even the 17th anymore. What the fuck. Oh well. I’m going back to CoIn.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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