Spring – The Monksville Chronicles #61

Just as it began, the first season of the seventh cycle since the filling of the Monksville Res’ ends with mild, balmy weather. Springtime arrives in force and the spring thaw frees the greater keep of Monksville from the remaining piles of snow and ice. The trees produce buds which burst with vibrant green leaves and the forests return to life; the flowers bloom brightly in great open pastures, the insects buzz menacingly in terrible nasty swarms, and the once sluggishly chilled waters of Monksville begin to heat and churn again.

The remaining lakebreathers of the Monksville Res’, as limited in number as they are, begin to mate, and The Spawning takes place for the first time since The Gleam opened in the stretch of water between the two isles. The landwalkers and wingflappers, though not directly aware of the coup which took place beneath the surface, notice the increased prevalence of surfaceswimmers and slowly drop their pretense about avoiding direct contact with the water. The mighty Monksville Reservoir is finally on the rebound.

The pair eagles, with their new fortress in The Crater, finally get to participate in The Hatching and produce two healthy eaglets, one boy and one girl. Much like the small giants, these small eagles will not be granted names until they are of an age where they can send them through the channel, and this is how I’ll have you remember the pair eagles. We may well hear them chirp once or twice in the upcoming seasons, but then again, we may well not; they are parents now, the pair eagles, and eaglets require quite a bit of attention. Neither Lysander nor Lysandra will be getting out much anytime soon.

But with every influx of goodness, small giants, there must be a reciprocal wave of misfortune – as Monksville enjoys its newly found splendor, a severe drought takes hold of the greater Wanaque Res’. The pocket claimed by The Giants is still full (though the giants of the Fishing Village no longer pull catch from it by default), but south of the North Floodgate the entire Reservoir has dried into an arid desert-like state. The wingflappers who have long taken roost along the shores of the Wanaque Res’ place blame on the giants’ floodgate; even though a great many of them watched the giants remove the sealing cap, water still does not flow. The gate seems to be clogged, stopped up with a great black mass which chills the water at the pipe’s mouth on the wet side.

One day, a wingflapper who swims in the water like a lakebreather decides he’s had quite enough. Dopper the dipper duck and his dozen daring divers flock over to the giant’s pocket of the Wanaque Reservoir, meaning to end the new drought once and for all. Braten the goose follows closely behind, leaving his soulbride Branda to wait back in their nest.

This has been the last subchapter of the third chapter of the book The Monksville Chronicles. Here is everything you need to know about it:

The Monksville Chronicles

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