Forgot | The Bookmaker’s Note 7/7/21

Bookmaking log: finished part S of parts 10, 11, and 12 of secret project; part P of parts 10, 11, and 12 to go

• • •

Almost forgot to write this tonight. Completely forgot last night, like, 110% gonzo. Didn’t even cross my mind until today lol. You know what it was? Around Thursday of last week I noticed my weed starting to go bad. So I bought more and didn’t immediately jar it and when I finally smoked some it was bad too. I figured I left it out of a jar for too long. So today I get more, some shit called Gelato. Some fire shit called Gelato. And I smoke a bit and it’s nasty. So I’m like, “What the fuck?” I take my pipe outside and assault it with the garden hose, right, and a torrent of brown shit comes out with a bunch of cancer nuggets riding on it like boats of sailors singin’ sea shanties like they were fuckin’ wasps, and then I take the pipe inside and assault it with about 7 pipe cleaners and water so hot I couldn’t put my hands under it for more than a few seconds, aaaaaand it’s not totally clean now but it’s a lot better and I’ve realized none of the weed was bad, my pipe was just dirty as a motherfucker. I think it was throwing me off a little bit too, today I took the first shower I’ve taken since Friday. Yeesh, you didn’t need to know that. Anywho, I’m gonna start doing a weekly pipe cleaning or something. Get me some cleaning solution, do it right. Back in the day I had a collection of about 30ish pieces, but they all got melted and otherwise eviscerated in a bonfire. Now I only have 1. 2 if you count the 1hitter I use when I make glasscrutch joints. I should name that thing. Later. My other piece is named The Peace Piece after Sidney Blake’s pipe. Ah, Sidney Blake. RIP. I can talk about that openly now, that half of the book is posted. Poor dude, snuffed out in the night by bigfoot. I miss him. I’m looking forward to finalizing Untitled Bigfoot Project. It’ll be fun to see Sidney again.

Okay imma go back to the secret project now.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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