Stormy | The Bookmaker’s Note 7/8/21

Bookmaking log: finished ~1/3 of part 10 of secret project, plenty more to go

• • •

Stormy day, ‘man. It was like 90 out when I woke up, 90 sunny and sweltery humid. I maxxed for about an hour, the sky turned dark. Been raining ever since. On the bright side though, I’ve sung the song Spring and a Storm by Tally Hall at least 19 times today. Plus, y’know, the work’s getting done.

So about the work: it’s very time consuming. It’s monotonous busywork, it requires very little thought but a great level of attention to detail. It’s getting done. You’ll understand why it’s taking so long when it’s done. You’re gonna be like, “Oh, okay. I see it now.” Hell yeah. I also decided that I’m going to make an announcement post about it when it’s done. It’s a book – I think I can reveal that much – and so I’ll treat it like one. ‘Twill be done soon enough, and the wind shall continue to blow.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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