Purr – The Monksville Chronicles #73

From the middle of the shallows bordering the back end of Dino Island, a tall and slender tree watches The Mink prance back and forth.

The Mink bares the moving tree no notice, he’s far too preoccupied with his hunger. This crawdad is his mortal enemy, the very bane of his enigmatic existence, the only sustenance his body requires in order to sleep through the upcoming cold night, but the crawdad is fast and tricky. The crawdad will stick its claw out of the water just to let The Mink pounce before it jets itself back into its burrow like a coward, of course the damned crawdad is a coward! What kind of denizen wears its skeleton on the outside of its body? The insect kind; that’s all the crawdad is, isn’t it? A lowly insect, a plump and juicy insect who decided to abandon his glassy wings and grow big meaty claws and take to the waters when the smallbirds first realized how tasty the insects became when crushed between a top and bottom beak. Well insects taste terrible as far as The Mink is concerned, all of them do, every single one of the crunchy munchy abysmal little cretins… all except for the crawdad. The crawdad is the apex, the alpha insect, the ultimate creepy crawly with a pair of meaty claws to boot, a perfect meal to be made by The Mink, a meal to be made and then eaten, too. Is such too much to ask for?

An agitated purr emanates from The Mink’s throat as his prance widens, taking him all ‘round the shoreline of Dino Island; with every loop completed The Minks only grows hangrier, and the tone of his purr only deepens.

This has been the tenth subchapter of the fourth chapter of the book The Monksville Chronicles. Here is everything you need to know about it:

The Monksville Chronicles

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