Bone on Wood – Untitled Bigfoot Project (198/224)


An Encounter

Bone on Wood

Distant knocking of bone on wood echoed down the laddered shaft, stirring Albey out of unconsciousness.

‘Iuqon and Ram’rl,’ Albey thought to himself in a haze of half-slumber, unsure of exactly where he was. ‘They’ve returned from the grave, charred skin on blackened skeletons, and they’re coming for me. I failed them, they perished, and so I must suffer at their undead hands. I must endure an encounter with my failures…’

The knocking continued as Albey came fully into the real world from wherever it was his spirit had gone as his body slept. He was lying on the floor of an open space, the air was dank and gloomy and the sounds of knocking pelted off the walls as if the one who knocked was trapped within them, but Albey knew that couldn’t be. His mind was returning to him, albeit on its own schedule; he was beneath The Lodge in the secret laboratory of Iuqon the Mage, the storehouse of all the world’s knowledge, even that which had been lost to time, even that which had yet to be discovered. Limitless power existed within the tomes hidden in this cavern; if anything were to happen to those books, or worse, if they were to fall into the wrong hands…

Bony knuckles came a’rapping unto Albey’s Lodge door. He was tempted to stay put, to say nothing as though he was not there, as though he too perished at the Battle at Jericho Tower, in hopes that whoever knocked – whoever could it be so late in the day? – would bruise their knuckles or just give up, whichever came first. Or both, if that’s what the divine ones deemed necessary.

But yet the one who knocked kept on a’knockin’. The Mad Poet rose to his feet.

This has been the first subchapter of the fourth chapter of The Face of Fear, a novel about bigfoot written by the writer in Untitled Bigfoot Project. Here is everything you need to know about it:

Untitled Bigfoot Project

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If you’re there, hypothetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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