Tears | TBN 7-19-21

Bookmaking log: assembled OTR manuscript, step 1 of editing complete | TBN +1,644 words

• • •

Time flows a river

moments and minutes,

tears all the same,

cried by the damned ’til you drown


Sunday, 12:58 am

I’ve gone through maybe a third of subchapter 25 of Over the River – where I left off in May when I decided to banish THOW like HOW banished the Lyme demon lmfao – and I shit you not I literally laughed so hard I cried. My cheeks are wet with tears right now. I didn’t remember. I didn’t think it was going to be bad, but… sweet Christ, I just didn’t remember! Thank Christ my old work is fucking done, those 8 books can rest in peace.

Also, I’m thinking when Over the River is done, I’m not going to share it. Instead, I’m going to share the entire The Fall of the Seven Earths story in its proper order – that is to say, in the order it will be presented in the The Fall of the Seven Earths Reality book. Oh yeah, when I said The Highest One Writing was proof of concept, I didn’t mean it in only one context. Over the River: The Emancipation of Jonathan Knox will release in tandem with The Fall of the Seven Earths, I’ll celebrate having 14 books out, and maybe I’ll announce what number 15 is.

Because I already know.

It’s already in the works.

Writing has already been done.

Thoughts are growing like seeds from the soil; the fruits of idea come Reap.

Sunday, 1:34 am

Two things.

One: I moved from my recliner to my desk to continue working. Sitting in the recliner was hurting my back.

Two: I, Hunter A. Wallace, aka the bookmaker, have decided it’s about time for the human race to undergo another round of renaissance and enlightenment. Books are coming back. It’s happening. Embrace individuality, know thyself, let go of the old ways of willful idiocy. It is time now to move on, lest the world leave us behind.

And I do not mean planet Earth.

Sunday, 3:06 am

I have finished chapter 3 of Over the River. Finished step one of the editing process of chapter 3, I should say. I think I’m going to finish it before I post this. I’ll have Flowers done and out by the end of the week. It’s already the 18th so I don’t think The Fall of the Seven Earths will be out in July, but August for sure. 420%. I’m going through this thing making lots of changes in some spots, making virtually no changes in others, and I’m thinking, “huh, this is super natural to me. I’m just a’go-go-going. It’s almost like I know what i’m do-“

And that’s just it. I know exactly what I’m doing. This is book 13, you punk motherfucks, and the bookmaker knows what he’s doing.

Sunday, 2:31 pm

I have risen. First thing I did was listen to Joe Hawley’s Bahamian Rap City and dance around my bedroom like the half-gopnik hillbilly I am. Now I’m finally listening to Cojum Dip, by Cojum Dip, and we’re about to get into OTR.


Sunday, 5:08 pm

I listened to Cojum Dip and Not a Trampoline, the latter by Rob Cantor. And did some email stuff. Now I’m going to work on OTR.

First I’m going to eat. Then, I shall work on OTR.

Sunday, 7:56 pm

Just finished chapter 4. chapter 5 and the epilogue have 5 subchapters total.

Holy shit, I’m making real progress. I’m getting work done and feeling good about it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so solid about my shit. It’s almost like THOW has been holding me back this entire time, like I’ve been running with ankle weights, and now that it’s done… hooooo boy, it’s boutta be poppin’ at The Commons.

Monday, 1:07 am

3 subchapters left. I took a break to play the Call of Duty, but now it’s time for Over the River.

I am so fucking happy to finally be working on Over the River again.

Sweet Christ, The Highest One Writing is finished. I’m really free. It’s never coming back again. I sealed it between the pages, I exorcised the demon


It reminds me of the summer after my junior year of high school. I took AP US History II that year and there was a weekly index card assignment that took literally all week to complete. We had to fill out anywhere between 30 to 60 index cards a week, and when I say fill out, I mean literally fill the motherfuckers from front to back with information in handwriting so tiny half the class caught carpal tunnel. It was from the index cards, trust me, not anything else that a hormonal teenage hillbilly might do when the lights are off. Or on. Hell, even when the family’s home. Even when they have guests. Anyway, It was our “study assignment” and it was meant to prepare us for the test that was built around the grueling and torturous index card assignment, and… and the point is, when summer happened and I no longer had to do the index cards, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was like an entire new world opened up. While I was doing the index cards, I forgot what life was like without the index cards. Note, I didn’t start smoking cannabis until I was 19, I’ve always been a nut, always been the guy who’d eventually make up the word psychephrenia. I took AP computer science my senior year and drew a picture of godzilla fighting a fucking tank on the exam. I’ve always appreciated godzilla, too. Even the 1998 movie that everyone hates. I was born in ’95 and I saw that shit when it was released on VHS, I called it Godzilla’s Eye when I was still making books out of folded computer printer, because the box art was literally godzilla’s eye, and to me, to Hunter of the 5ishth year, seeing a gigantic lizard monster tearing through NYC was literally a psychedelic experience. I’ve loved Godzilla ever since. The Monsterverse movies are some of my favorite films of all time, god they’re fucking great. Literally one of the greatest cinematographical spectacles of all time, you’ll never convince me otherwise. Humankind discovered how to make movies for the ultimate purpose of putting the last 45 minutes of Godzilla vs Kong (2021) on the silver fucking screen. Everything up to this point has been leading to Godzilla vs Kong’s last 45 minutes, and nothing else we make will ever matter again. We did it, we won the movies. Godzilla vs Kong, ‘man. You don’t have any fucking clue what you’re missing, good god.

So anyway, editing

Monday, 3:33 am

I have finished writing the coda of Over the River: The Emancipation of Jonathan Knox. All that’s left now is to copy and paste the subchapters into the manuscript and step 1 is officially done. Now, it is 4:03 am

Monday, 7:05 am

I got all of chapter 1 into the manuscript. Chapter 2 starts on page 68. Chapter 2 is called Son of a Bitch. I think this pairing of circumstances is hilarious. But I got distracted working on the cover art for Flowers. I had a breakthrough, I think I’m onto something good. It’s not going to be super intricate or crazy, I’m going for clean, simplistic, and nice to look at. I’m going for pop fiction, not pop as in popular but pop as in POP, as in KAPOW, as in GUESS WHAT, SHLEEMO? THIS EXISTS! Pop fiction, you sloppy illiterate fucks. Get it while its steamin’!

What, you don’t like me calling you a sloppy illiterate fuck? Well guess what? My mantle is the bookmaker, I’m 26 years old, I’ve written, edited, and self-published more than 1,000,000 words worth of original fiction – which, by the way, all takes place in one reality and is all interconnected in one way or another – and would you like to know how many times I used the words people and person in those 1,000,000 words? Zero. None. Never not once.

Did you write, edit, and self-publish over 1,000,000 words worth of interconnected fiction whilst never using the words people nor person a single time by age 26? You didn’t? Then pipe down, you’re a sloppy illiterate fuck and all the bookmaker wants is to teach you how to read.

Monday, 9:54 am

I’m literally fading in and out of consciousness. I’ll finish this later. The OTR is at 84,000 words, 320 pages. I don’t think it’s going to cross the 400s but we’ll see. Later. Goodnight.

Monday, 4:20 pm

Scattering sparks of thought energy deliver me and carry me awayyyyyyyyyy

In other words I woke up and immediately turned on the reality distortion music. The Mind Electric wasted little time moving to the top of the shuffle where it currently holds perch. Christ I love this song.

Monday, 4:48 pm

The manuscript for Over the River: The Emancipation of Jonathan Knox is assembled. Step 1 of the editing process is complete. 402 pages, 109,000 words. Two books in one, the end of my first trilogy, accomplishment restated a third way.

Next up: finalize Flowers, book 1 of The Fall of the Seven Earths. I’m close to the final cover art, I think. Very close indeed. The manuscript is 50,000 and change, if I remember correctly. I expect to be onto step 2 of Over the River by the end of the week. Perhaps even by Wednesday. That’d be dope, steamrollin’ right on ahead.

I think I shall wrap this rendition of The Note right here. This has been… uh… this.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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