Job | TBN 7-23-21

Bookmaking log: finalized Flowers, submitted for republishing | TBN +380 words

• • •

words are the offspring of thoughts; the human tendency towards law is derived from the innate human inclination to write, to set the immaterial into the physical realm; to make the imaginary real and pretend it was there all along is to follow a law/system

I wrote that on a piece of paper however long ago and it’s been sitting on my desk whispering at me to put it in The Note, ‘Put me in The Note, bookmaker, for then I shall be immortal! Burn my husk when the deed is done and the ritual shall be complete!’

Well, the ritual is half complete anyhow. Unlike Flowers, which is all the way complete. Whoop! I’m happy to have it done. For some reason, until this point, I’ve not had a very high opinion of my W-2222 books. For some reason I just didn’t care about them at all, I thought I did a horrible job and they were a waste of time and tralalalalalala, but uh, now I’m thinkin’ I was a little off-base there. I’m not saying it’s the next Dark Tower or anything like that, but The Fall of the Seven Earths is dope. It’s a solid little trilogy. I think the entire trilogy is shorter than Untitled Bigfoot Project, but still, dope little trilogy. Didn’t even mean to throw it together, it just kind’a happened. Not mad. Definitely going to be planning my spirals better in the future, blin did TFotSE teach me a lesson or 2 about bookmaking, but uh… yeah, ‘man. I think I did a solid job on these books. Which is good for you, especially if you read them!


I’ll be straight with you, I don’t really know what to say now. I’m going to start step 2 of Over the River after this post so I can leave it out of today’s Bookmaking log and then have slightly bolstered numbers tomorrow, and uh… that’s kind of it.

Fuckin’, uhhh… bookmaker, bookmaker, I’m the guy, um… yeah, ‘man. I think you get the gist of it.

Also, Waltz in E-Major, Op. 15 “Moon Waltz”

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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