Fawns | TBN 8-2-21

Bookmaking log: revised through page 219 of OTR, 179 to go of step 2 | TBN +285 words

• • •

Not a lot to say from the bookmaker today. This morning I learned that two fawns have been using my parents’ backyard (my backyard) as something of a sanctuary lately. My mom has a bunch of pictures on her phone of the pair of ’em, spots and all, curled up like little lumps in the back of the yard just hangin’ out there. We get a lot of wildlife in the backyard. Mah likes to name ’em. Squirrely and Shirly are the squirrels, Rocket is the raccoon, Possy is the opossum, Stinky is the skunk. There are probably more, you’ll have to ask her. I am merely the bookmaker, you see, that woman’s mind will forever be a conundrum to the callow likes of me.

So anyway, I’m about to go into the woods and smoke weed and listen to backwards music and continue to edit this Over the River shit all these voices in my head keep telling me to write about in this blog like it’s a real thing. To be honest, all I’m really doing is dancing my fingers across the keyboard like it’s an actual keyboard, like, as if it’s a piano. My books don’t say anything, they’re all just random letters, the piano playing of a madman. Ready? Watch this:


Okay so I could have spaced it out better, my bad. This is the first time I ever actually did that, you’ll have to excuse me for not achieving ultimate perfection with it.


Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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