The Race for The Crater – The Monksville Chronicles #93

As though he was stirred by the impact Buggaboo had on the village of fishcatching giants, Nudderbudder wakes at shinerise. The hollow, far more spacious than he realized even after Buggaboo left the previous night, is pleasantly cool in the mornings. As the great shine travels through the sky the hollow will heat up mercilessly, and by night it will be hot to the point of agitation – good thing Nudder’ won’t be here to feel it… just like Buggaboo isn’t here now.

Last evening, after their blowout over who would get the last acorn if the oak trees all died out, Buggaboo took flight and fled the safety of this fine hollow in search of a better home, but he didn’t say where he was going, though it’s obvious he was heading for The Crater. Ever since he first met Buggaboo, Nudderbudder would constantly drop hints regarding the prime habitability of The Crater, that glorious hole in the mountainside where those squirrels who refused to degrade themselves to a riverside lifestyle built a massive hive, and how that hive had buzzed in the wintertime! The squirrelhorde within sprinted tirelessly, generating a warmth so heated it even melted the snow… but that all changed when the pair eagles came to roost. Nudderbudder escaped by the skin of his front teeth, but the others were not so lucky. But now the pair eagles have their fortress. Now the pair eagles have their pair eaglets, they’ve no longer reason to leave and scour the Reservoir in search of small game. To feed a pair of baby denizens, regardless of the medium through which those denizens may travel, requires a great lot of food, a great lot indeed – a single ground squirrel isn’t nearly enough to satiate a single eaglet, but two hungry eaglets? Impossible – even more so for the flying squirrel. Buggaboo’s body, from his head to the tip of his planar tail, is dwarfed by the ground squirrel’s tail alone. Surely Buggaboo decided to make his way to The Crater, it’s the only move he could have made.

Very well then, the race for The Crater is on! Crossing the Reservoir was no problem this past winter and it shall be no problem today – the surface was solid in the winter, true, but covered in high mounds of snow; if Budder’ could dig his way through powdered water, surely swimming across the liquid kind shall not be a problem. Buggaboo may have won the great race already, but Nudderbudder knows the lay of the land better than the flying squirrel could ever hope to. When he returns to his promised land he will find the perfect hollow, and if Buggaboo does not want to share it, he will find a hollow for Buggaboo too.

Nudderbudder climbs out of the massive hollow and skits down the tree in a flash. Taking to the ground in the direction Buggaboo flew last night, he begins the journey back to The Crater.

This has been the tenth subchapter of the last chapter of the book The Monksville Chronicles. Here is everything you need to know about it:

The Monksville Chronicles

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