End | TBN 8-5-21

Bookmaking log: revised through page 330 of OTR, 66 to go of step 2 | TBN +620 words

• • •

Doing the work outside thing. Was doing the work outside thing, but the fucking bugs were atrocious. I’m inside now. The reality distortion music is not on yet, but it will be soon. I don’t know how this’ll come off – probably as a young ‘man pursuing his passion with everything he’s got, ’cause that’s what it is – but revising the old flash fictions in the anthology in the back of Over the River is getting me all sorts of motivated to make new stuff. I’m getting high off my own supply and it’s fucking lovely.

So I got through Over the River proper last night, it ends in the 280s I think. The flash fiction anthology in the back is called Highdeas and it’s roughly 100 pages long, I’m currently in the 30s. The goal is to finish going through it, assemble the cover art, and get the proof copy ordered before I go to sleep at the end of my current stream of consciousness. Plus the proof copy of The Fall of the Seven Earths, gonna order that too most likely. That’s really just to make sure the cover comes out nice, make sure the title font is sized appropriately for the pages. Not life or death, not completely necessary, but I’d like it. If I have to wait until tomorrow morning to order the proof copies, so be it.

As for the near future, I’m looking to sacrifice this weekend for the purpose of getting Under the Hood done. I need to be current, ‘man. I want to get onto Untitled Bigfoot Project, W-428 is going to get as much of my attention as I have to give when W-2222 is up to speed. I hope to have Over the River and The Fall of the Seven Earths out within a fortnight of this post – that’s 2 weeks from now – and I hope to have the finalized Untitled Bigfoot Project out before the end of August. I forget if I started UBP in September or August of last year, but I definitely plan on having it finished before September of this year. 100%.

Unless I get some book orders, which might slow me down. The horror. I’ve sold books thru Amazon, paperback and e, but I’ve yet to sell a signed copy through my website. Very much looking forward to selling my first signed copy through my website.

So I got 8 stories down, 1 story falling, 11 to go. Got these 2 joints next to me, black diamond OG. I got some humidifier packs for the weed, some’a’them Boveda 62s. Supposed to rejuvenate improperly stored weed. I used to have ’em back in the day when I have a 30-piece cannabalia collection but uh, but that got… sucked into a wormhole. Yes. They work well, though. In my experience.

So I got this work to do, got these joints to smoke. Got this THC to turn into THC, if you toke what I’m blowing. God I love me. You should, too, I’m inane. Plus, all the writing I do is available for free, just go on my website. I don’t even have ads turned on, I’m doing this mostly for myself, honestly, nothing but writing fiction gives me the will to live, but everything I write is available for free so I guess I’m sort of doing all this for you, too! Yay!

So I got this work to do, got these joints to smoke. Got this fuckin’ blog post to end.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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