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Bookmaking log: OTR editing step 2 complete | TBN +1375 words

• • •

• 11:00 am •

So I’m considering doing away with ISBN numbers in my books and using my own inventory system, the THCBN. The Hillside Commons Book Number. ISBN is really complicated and set up to work really well with the traditional publishing system, and I’m the traditional publishing system’s worst goddamn nightmare: an upgrade. So, I think fuck it. They’re expensive and confusing and a waste of time and thought, in other words a scam, in other words a remnant from the past when such monopolistic systems were required for our civilization to move forever forward. Make no mistake, I intend to build a monopoly as well, but only over my own work. Not over the way all books are sold and organized across the world forever. Like, what the fuck is that? Who are you to hold that kind of power, to limit your species in such a way? You know nothing of the bookmaker and you know nothing of The Bookmaker, so shut the fuck up and do what wE say. For all you know I’m actually some sort of writing god, fuckin’, for all y’all sloppy illiterate fucks know I’m the literal reincarnation of Hunter S. Thompson, like, Dalai Lama Style: Back Again, Bitches Jutsu! Your world pissed me the fuck off so I popped myself to give y’all some space and y’all got sketchy, dude. Y’all got sketchy and shit got weird, I don’t think anybody can disagree that shit got weird on Earth between the years of 2005 and 2021, okay? Whether or not the local nutbar who hit his head and suddenly wrote hella books is the reincarnation of humanity’s last great writer before Hunter A. Wallace aka himself put scratch to pad, I think we can all agree that shit has been weird around here the past decade and a half.

BUT, it’s okay. It’s over now. The bookmaker is here and he’s doing away with ISBN numbers, everything is going to be okay !!! !

sduolc denil-revlis ruoy hguorht larips nedE tenalP fo seiks elprup eht

I’m almost temped to tell myself damn, I should really get to work already, but this is my work. The Bookmaker’s Note is a not-daily blog series that serves as marketing and also content creation – these posts are going to be a book one day, do not doubt for one fucking second that these blog posts are going to be a book one day. Perhaps I got a late start, says the inner voice that always looks for imperfections because cracks are pretty goddamn valuable once they’re filled with gold and you need to find them to fill them, but I’m cruisin’ right now. I didn’t finish OTR last night because I was just exhausted. Nothing can be better than anything; it’s something that’s better than nothing. See, anything can be anything, it can literally be anything, but something? Look at the fuckin’ word, some thing. Literally sum-thing, like, a thing that is the sum. Of things. For anything, no reason is required; for something, there must be a process. No, not even that. It’s not that there must be a process, that’s looking at it all wrong. For something to happen, a process is involved. For anything to happen, all it has to do is happen.

Take my writing, for example. Five of my favorite words to say LMAO i’m the bookmaker i cant even beleeve it

So Existence Prime, right? That’s the overall reality/Reality/Existence of The Highest One Writing. That’s anything, as symbolized by the pencil titling in The Highest One Writing. Like, literally, The 2020 Event |The Main Event| starts with the words First, there was nothing. Then, there was everything. Now, there is anything. Existence Prime is anything. But then everything that happened in The Highest One Writing happened. A process was involved, and Existence Prime was butterflied into Existence. I mean, it’s not literally called Existence, it has a name, but I don’t wanna reveal that yet because it’s part of OTR and also the book that’s coming after OTR lmao. But the current Existence, the current Existence is something, as symbolized by the marker titling in the last book of The Highest One Writing.

The Highest One Writing was my transition from nothing to Nothing to Everything to Anything. The Great Revamp, which I’m still in the process of now, is my refining of this Anything I’ve been granted into a Something, and it’s a pretty fucking cool something if I do say so myself. I’m just trying to handle it as best I can.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of not rolling out OTR with the TFOTSE book. I’m thinking OTR, then maybe wait a couple days, then TFOTSE. Like, I’ll stagger the proof copies in order to force myself to stagger the release. Like, I’ll get OTR ordered today, then when OTR gets delivered I’ll order the proof copy of TFOTSE, because TFOTSE won’t require any editing. That’s just to make sure it’s pretty-lookin’. I winged The Highest One Writing and it came out fucking great, but The Highest One Writing was nothing short of divine intervention in the life of a ‘man who had no other resort, of course The Highest One Writing came out fucking great. The Fall of the Seven Earths is literally a highdea that’s going as far as it can, which isn’t very far. It was originally going to be a 7-book story, but I cut that motherfucker down to 3 and I gained sleep for doing so, okay? Fuck The Fall of the Seven Earths. It’s a fantastic spiral and I love it and the books are all lovely, they’re going to be all lovely when they’re all done in a month, but at the same time, fuck The Fall of the Seven Earths. I have so much more to write.

But if I’m going to write it, I need to fell the seven Earths. And I only have… uh… fuckin’… 9 stories left. No, 8 and a half. There are 20, I got halfway through # 12 before I died last night. But now I’m back and an ounce of fuel is on the way and Rattlesnake Wallace boutta bookmake like a sonuvabitch.

• 5:05 pm •

Sometimes things take longer than you think they’re going to. I have exactly 36 pages left of OTR, then Imma make the cover, then order the proof copy. Definitely going to wait until I’m done with UTH to order the proof for TFOTSE, more for symolic reasons than anything else, and then it’ll probably get released within a few days of OTR. Probably. I don’t fucking know what’s going to happen, I’m one ‘man who just happens to be the reincarnation of another ‘man, same as all you. See, I’m not crazy, I just have a solid grasp of what the fuck is actually going on here.

so um

sloppy illiterate fuck



what is there? i need to get back to work, that’s what there is

• 11:33 pm •

I don’t know what to say, the shit took longer than I thought it would! I still don’t have the cover done, and I doubt I’m doing it tonight, so that means I’ll order the proof copy tomorrow! Fuck it!

Something is better than nothing, you punk motherfuckers. I’m just a ‘man. I might be the reincarnation of Hunter S. Thompson – crazy how it feels like I wrote all that literally years ago, I’m a whole new ‘man now, I’ve lived the lives of 19 famous authors since writing that – but I am also just a ‘man. A ‘man who wishes to sleep so he can have strange dreams where he sees Norm MacDonald and Charles Bukowski sitting at his kitchen counter doing all sorts of alcohol stuff, but before I sleep I must do The Note.

For you, I must do The Note. And I have done it. So now, I’m out. I’ll tell the greats you say hi whilst I shine their shoes with spit and pages torn from these alleged books I’ll someday write.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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