closed | TBN 8-9-21

Bookmaking log: finalized through page 63 of UtH, 217 remaining | TBN +737 words

• • •

there’s a sort of


back there behind the eyeballs

betwixt them and I

they think it’s me

when it whispers to them

saying shut now, liddy bois

and so they shut

when I’m right in the middle the of goddamned sentence I’m tru[ing this with me eyes closed how did I do?

not terrible. only 1 typot, as far as eye can tell.

not terrible

no, not terrible. big typo, but only 1 typo

not terrible for typing with my eyes closed

see, this post is called closed

but The Hillside Commons is very open

a literal library of literature

all free everything, buy if you’d like

I’d sure like

“Money is the tool for the creation of a creative space,” quoth Yelawolf of ‘Bama on Love Story‘s Change.

and boy do I have plans to build a creative space

but not yet

I still am might be crazy in the eyes of the general whoever may or may not

I mean, look at the wording of that last sentence

look at this entire goddamn blog post

btw, book compilation releasing either at the top of 2022 or in April of 2022, not sure now. April would be 1 year of The Note, but January would follow the calendar everybody else seems set on. Hm.

probably April

April fits the theme better anyway

gives me a guaranteed new release for my birthday month, too. little dear and love Hunter, y’understan’, ladies’n’germs? y’understan’ me?

I don’t understan’ myself half the time

or do I just say that

to seem


and mysterious


i dunno

i feel like i know exactly what i’m doing

and i certainly do to a certain point

I mean, look at all these books

you know what you did between the ages of # and 26? not what I did lol

but at the same time

im writing this lying on the same bed i’ve slept on my entire life xD oof


I’ve gone through a few mattresses. this one’s only a few years old, a Nectar. I bought it because my old one was 30 years old, a hand-me-down from my parents, and I still had some cash from my years in the warehouse and whatnot so I bought myself a new one. I actually bought my parents a Nectar a few months after I bought mine, too, because they got their mattress when they gave me their old one. They currently sleep on a mattress I bought for them. a king. mine is a twin, as that is what fits in my room. they’re both Nectars, they’re both equally as comfortable. not bad

got a few blood stains in it tho


from the time i cut my foot so bad I was on crutches for 8 weeks like the silly pre-the-bookmaker I was

that shit made it into The Highest One Writing

know what that means?

I find inspiration literally fucking everywhere

I’ll be hiking

I’ll stop


pick up a rock

stay squatting, muddy rock in my hand


I’ll say to the air

because there’s nobody fucking with me

because I hike alone by preference and necessity

no I’m not going to go hiking with you, do you want me to hold your fucking hand too? tryna smoke my weed while you’re at it, yeah? want me to make you a fucking cold cut sandwich you fucking person-ass son of a bitch? ‘Man the fuck up and walk alone through the forest, get mauled by a fucking bear because you can’t hang, do us all a fucking favor a’ready

“look at this fuckin’ rock”

and I’ll proceed to squat in the middle of the trail for minutes on end staring at this fucking rock as universes expand and birth more yet within spiraling Grains upon Grains of Sand…


and then I’ll drop it and go on my merry goddamn way

get home

prepare a joint

smoke it in sections, each tarier than the last but it’s okay because this shit is fire and scorching the whole thing at once is… well, that takes a lot of weed, see, and I’m still finalizing Under the Hood, so

yeah. so I’m gonna go back to that

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward

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