uhhhh | TBN 8-10-21

Bookmaking log: finalized through page 108 of UtH, 172 remaining | TBN +731 words

• • •

Oh, an early rendition of The Note! The bookmaker must be slippin’, he must be done working at 2 pm on a Tuesday! I bet he’s going to smoke weed and play video games, hoho ha!! !

Here’s the thing, buckaroo. I’m not like other writers. Other writers use drugs as an excuse not to work. See, me? I’m like Hunter S. Thompson. I use drugs – specifically cannabis, although other psychedelics have played a role – as an excuse to write. All of my books have the words a product of The Hillside Commons in them, and guess what! The Hillside Commons is long for THC. All my books are literally products of THC, you sloppy illiterate fucks. Trust me, they’re the greatest shit printed to page these days, I had a random blogger in England or something make a post about today’s post for Untitled Bigfoot Project! Folks are peeping the writing, ladies’n’germs, it is happening! And Under the Hood is that much closer to finalization. The Fall of the Seven Earths will be 100% wrapped by the end of August, fuckin’, I might even fuck around and get UBP done and squared away before September too. You don’t fuckin’ know. Either way I’ll be 100% current by the time your kids are in school, so A) you’ll have time to read my books and B) your kids will have time to read my books, because what’s more interesting? Paying attention to class or reading the fiction written by the local bookmaker who smokes all the cannabis and writes about it ad nauseum so they don’t feel the need to experiment with it until they’re an age at which doing so might be beneficial?

Like, say 19? or 21? Or when the Universe decides to bring it to you? Like, my first time smoking was atop a mountain at midnight looking out at the NYC skyline and I was offered that weed, I did not have to seek it. See, the Universe brought me the cannabis. Brought me the acid, too, and at first I denied the acid. Denied it for a while. Then, I did it. Then, I got the urge to write. In the fourish years between my acid days and today, I’ve done more with fiction writing than you might ever do in your entire fucking life, all right? And I’m not saying that to brag, either. All of my work is free, you can literally download print replica PDFs of all my books from my website. I just want you to check it out. I’m tryna teach you how to read, humanity, your species started to slip down the slope’a retardation and bookmaker man’s here to pull you back up lmfao

I don’t even know


Under the Hood >33.33% finalized, shout to MAd Production. Company. for making a blog post out of my blog post. I appreciate it! I release my work for free and the post you made included the cover of my book, which has my name, so as far as I’m concerned, you’ve given me free marketing. Good shit, boi! You’ve done more for me and my business than the majority of my extended family!

I’m kidding, of course. About the sentiment behind the words. The words are true. But I don’t hold it against my family. I love ’em all, and if my cousins on both sides of my family suddenly want to be friends after my books inevitably get noticed and I get to move out of my parents’ attic and stop being a burden on these exhausted adult human things, I’ll be their friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna have much time for ’em as I’ll be making books, but that won’t be anything specific to them. I hardly have time for folks now because of the books, and I have less than a thousand dollars to my name 😀

what i’m saying is: this ain’t about the money

I want your money

but i don’t do this for the money

i do this to live

without this, i have no will to continue on

but, there is this

i have it


Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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