actual nutbar | TBN 8-12-21

Bookmaking log: finalized through page 229 of UtH, 52 remaining | TBN +846 words

• • •

I’m finishing this bullshit today, I don’t give a single fuck. It will be submitted for publishing by the time this stream of consciousness ends. I don’t know if that means I’ll have the page all updated by tomorrow or the day after, but regardless, the proof copy for OtR is allegedly going to get here tomorrow, and honestly, I’d rather spend tomorrow recovering from killing shit today and also doing what I must for TFotSE than finishing the last little bit of UtH. When I wake up tomorrow, UtH is going to be done.


It’s not that UtH is bad or anything, but like… I don’t know, ‘man. It’s not that I dislike it, I think it’s a fine book, not my worst work at all. It’s my least favorite, though. Well, above a few of the individual THOW books. Actually… I don’t know. I don’t think I’m ready to have an opinion on the individual THOW books. I love the big THOW book, it’s fucking badass, but the individual ones are… well, the first 3 specifically. I don’t know. I don’t like how close to reality they are. I liked to blend reality and fiction in the beginning, but that was really just me letting the nonsense out for the first time on a real basis. Now I like and create the strange, but those more normalish books are still here.

And they forever will be. Just in case y’all want to know how this all started. Oh yeah, all for you.

Like, literally. All books free. All free everything.

I typed this before rolling my afternoon joint. I don’t know if that was the move or not. Oh well. I’ll be done with Under the Hood tomorrow, I don’t give a single fuck if I’m “doing this right”.


this is just what i


as far as the daily blog goes. some folks do… whatever they do. I don’t read any blogs, like, on a serial basis. Don’t look at many either. I’m not an internet guy. Like, I am, but also I am not. It’s easier not to be. It’s easier to download a PDF of my book than it is to sit on my website and read the text. Go to the internet, take what you need, and leave. Same thing with psychedelics, ‘man. Go to the astral plane, fill your head, and empty it into something when you come back. I’ve gone to the astral plane a bunch of times, and look at all the shit I brought back!

soooo yes. This has been The Note, not even sober because my morning joint has not yet left me

some of you may be wondering Hunter, I can smell your weed from my house in Estonia, how do you afford to buy your Cannabis at the premium prices I’m sure you’re paying because you’re the bookmaker and not only do you deserve it, but you require it to get work done; smoking low tier weed, even mids throws you way off, you need the top of the line shit, a brain of a certain power only functions at a certain speed quoth Alex Jones and goddamnit you have a brain of a certain power and that power is hungry for THC! ?

Yeah, that’s exactly what’s going through your head right now. Verbatim.

The truth is, ‘man, I don’t know! Whenever I get super low the Universe comes through and gives me exactly enough to function for however long I need to get my current thing done, and then I scrape bottom again and maybe a couple days goes by, maybe they don’t, and more money shows up. I can’t explain it, my books either, divine intervention in my life is literally the only reason I can contrive to explain the fact that I’m still going with this. The Hillside Commons is obviously going to save the world and God is keeping it alive, that’s very very much obvious to me and it should be even very more obviouser to you, noted reader, because you’re the one reading all this. It’s one thing for the local nutbar/actual reincarnation of Hunter S. Thompson to rant like a madman on the internet claiming he’s written all these books he has a picture of on the Facebook page for this alleged LLC he claims to have established years ago, but it’s another thing entirely for folks to read it. Especially folks like you, who probably don’t have the foggiest idea of what the difference between a person and human is.

But here you are reading it.

And here I am writing it.

And I’ll tell you one thing I know 100% definitely for sure, you sloppy illiterate fuck:

I am not an actual nutbar.

But UtH is actually almost finalized, and my afternoon joint is actually not yet rolled. So,

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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