Year Four | TBN 8-13-21

Bookmaking log: submitted UtH for publishing | TBN +354 words

• • •

Apparently, today is the 4-year anniversary of The Hillside Commons. Like, this blog/website. Woo! I didn’t start with the bookmaking until 2019, but I started with the writing and the posting in 2017. Obviously I haven’t done it very well – the posting part, that is, my books are the greatest shit in this iteration of the Universe – as I am writing this from my parents’ attic, but I’m learning. That’s what matters, right? Improvement over time? I think so.

So today’s going well. I didn’t finish UtH last night because I decided doing so would be stupid, so I finished it this morning. Paperback and eBook are both sub’d for pub’g, probably going to announce it/update the website tomorrow, get all the shit done in one foul swoop. Got a check from the auction hall, September’s student loan and credit card payment are handled. My weed is kind of stale but it’s still getting me where I need to be. The proof copy for OtR arrived, probably going to throw a pic of that on Instagram. Now I’m boutta play the call of duty because I’ve earned a little call of duty, I think, and then I’ll get the cover of TFotSE done, probably get that proof copy ordered before the end of the night, get the beta manuscript uploaded. Know what? I’ll do the UtH stuff tonight too, get it all nice and ready for tomorrow. Yeah, ‘man. Four-year anniversary’s going well.

I wish I had some secret project or something to hint at, but I just don’t. Over the River was the only proof copy that showed up at my house today. As it should have been, as it was the only one I ordered. Shame, ‘man. I would love to drop hints about a little project that I’m probably going to release the alpha of when TFotSE is out, but uh… I just have nothing to drop hints about. Shame, ‘man. A shame indeed.

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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