happy | TBN 8-19-21

Bookmaking log: finalized 5,361 words of UBP, 241,587 remaining | TBN +798 words

• • •

so I got some new cannabis strain today called White Dream and I’m like White Dream? What, will bootstraps hang freely from the sky? I’m boutta roll one up, let’s see

this smells fucking great, jesus christ. fucking candy and flowers, ‘man. the stuff I got from these guys last time was the same, very strong, very pungent. The nuggs weren’t massive on the last pickup but this time’e the opposite, one nug of the fucking White Dream fills half of my jar. Fucking hell, I can hear Tucker Carlson already

the smile on my face is entirely involuntary, I can’t even help it

christ, the leaf looks like a human hand, ‘man, I mean come on

oh my god the flakes

the flakes

they move as one unit

it’s like a fucking pile of liquid jesus christ I’m going to be sweating THC after 3 hits of this shit

real talk, anybody ever smell thc in their sweat? I’ve smelled thc in my sweat. I’ve smelled a bunch of different foods in my sweat, it’s really fucking weird when it happens. I’m never expecting it, like, it’s not like I go around smelling my own sweat, no, reading my own work during the editing process is enough, I don’t need to smell my own sweat anymore, but I just kinda catch a whiff of myself and I’m like huh, I guess I did eat that entire bag of candy twelve minutes ago. I’m a disgusting, fat slob.

gets out of bed weighing 142, fetches another bag of Haribo sweet’n’sour snakes from the box I ordered from Amazon because, fuckin’, I don’t even know why I did that. but I ate the entire haul of it in less than a week. zero self control. helps with the bookmaking.

speaking of which, I’m right onto the next. I started in on UBP, as you can tell, and if you saw the bottom of my home page, a future book has been announced. The initials are CT and it’ll be W-2222 book 4, and that’s all you get for now.

fuck it tastes pretty good too, i havent even lit it yet. a cold hit tastes fucking great, my god. White Dream, no kidding, ‘man

yeah these guys are about to become the official weed of The Hillside Commons, jesus christ

this bullshit is some of the cleanest cannabis I’ve ever smoked. these guys just get the plant right, ‘man, i don’t know how else to put it. fucking stellar. and, the delivery folks said they liked my hair, I mean come on. if my 3rd buy is as great as the first 2 imma write them a whole review


The Bookmaker is going to write them

so I’m going to write them a whole review. yeeeeeeeeeeeee

the only downside to this weed thing is that I’ve been coughing like a motherfucker, but I honestly feel like that has more to do with the fact that my house is dustier than it has ever been and for some reason no matter how many times I vacuum it up it appears in the same spot an eventuality later. I just don’t get it, ‘man. but I’ve had my windows perpetually shut for about a week – during which time I started smoking these guys’ weed – because it’s been 90 fucking degrees for whatever reason lately, fuckin’ August and shit, hey UBP starts in August, yo actually…

I started Untitled Bigfoot Project on September 12th of last year. Today is August 19th. I think I can have it totally finalized by the way to finish my thought, I think all the dust is catching up with me because I’ve been inside working all the time lately, too gross to go outside, and the coughing is more that than the weed. but I don’t know, I’m just the ‘man incarnation of an Astral God, y’know what I mean? we do what we can with what we got

what the fuck i just got sucked into a Facebook hole

Inside the Mind of Simon pulled me out tho. i will never not thank god for Joe Hawley, and you pay close attention to the capitalization before the comma struck. you pay close attention.

this jay is just goin and goin and goin. I’m all kinds of happy right now. no bootstraps, but… shit, maybe it’s my boots they’re hangin’ from

oh shit, maybe the weed makes my leg hair weave into bootstraps

oh god

i dont know who I feel more for


or the folks who might pull themselves up by my leghairs

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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