i didn’t open this book
i only made it over the river

I almost have a difficult time believing it’s finally done and out. It’s not that The Fall of the Seven Earths was a big multi-year project like The Highest One Writing was, nor was Over the River a gigantic limit-pushing Imma level up as an artist for finishing this piece’a work kind of book like Untitled Bigfoot Project. No, it was something else entirely. Here’s the scoop

so I finished writing Over the River in April. Might have been May, but I am fairly certain that it was April. Then my birthday hit and so I decided to get myself a little bit of weed. I was still sober at the time, wasn’t trying to pick up the habit. But, I did pick up the habit, and I used a local guy until I realized the gifting revolution had began, and that’s when The Great Revamp seized control of The Hillside Commons. Christ, what a year this has been. I’ve been a busy son of a bitch, tell you that much

the long and short of it is that four months ago, when I finished writing my new novel, I decided to shelf it and go back and finish all my old work (because it desperately needed finishing) and then when I was all up to speed I would put out OtR as a sort of reward for myself.

And uh, the plan didn’t really change.

Yes, readers noted and hypothetical alike, OtR is finally out, I have been hinting at this and claiming it was real and generally just tapping keyboard about it for literal months now and it is OUT, the book with the Astral Gods and The Whoreson and the bottomless backwoods town of Wuester is RELEASED, is AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD and PURCHASE and I HONESTLY COULDN’T BE HAPPIER SWEET CHRIST IT’S REAL, BOOKMAKER ADAM IS A THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

so the story. what’s the story about, right? It starts off on Planet Eden, one of the four astral planes of Existence. The book is about Existence, the story takes place across multiple astral planes for Christ’s sake, it has characters named The Maned Man Arckaen Kyng, Pillar Mind of Existence working immediately next to characters named The Brained Man Adom Hilter, Pillar Body of Existence, okay, and they’re working on the actual book that you read, and that book is primarily about a dude named Jonathan Knox who blows up the Compound ‘neath Atacama on Bionic Earth to get revenge on The Preacherman Neil Campbell and gets sucked through a portal to Cosmic Earth to do, well, whatever the hell he gets up to! But The Preacherman got sucked through the portal too, and although all of his limbs are destroyed in the explosion, he does eventually run into Jonathan Knox again in some capacity.

its so much fun, man. it’s the most derranged book you’ll ever read but goddamn is it a holler

it’s also the second book I made with the conspiration of Thomas J. Sudzinski. He played less of an active role in this one, the ‘man really just served as a living brainwall for me to bounce ideas off until a few stuck, but I wouldn’t have been able to shape the story without him. I had the idea for the Astral God plot for a while but I needed the ground-level story to give the higher ones some, eh, some density, I guess. I’m tempted to say the novel is 2 stories in 1 but it’s really not, it’s one story but rather than only seeing it from the eyes of the Beings (level 4/5 on the Spectrum of Consciousness) you also get to see it from the eyes of a few Astral Gods (top of the Spectrum of Consciousness). This one is really a treat, ‘man. It was a treat to come up with, a treat to write and make and everything, it’s just fuckin’ awesome. It also marks the end of The Fall of the Seven Earths, a somewhat accidental trilogy I made OtR to cap, which makes me very happy. Lots of good’s going to come from the fall of the seven Earths. Whole lotta good, I feel.

So, also, OtR has a 100ish-page anthology of flash fiction in the back of it. Like… yeah. It’s called Highdeas: The Lost Stories from the Seven Earths and it contains 19 flash fictions that each take place on one of the seven Earths. All seven Earths are represented and yeah, ‘man, it’s a whole thing. Included it with OtR because it plays a role in the story – like, the literal book Highdeas plays a role in the story of Over the River – and also because I had all the stories in The Vault and I wanted to release them and the spiral was ending anyway, so why the fuck not? lol I release so much content folks don’t know what the fuck to do. I don’t even know what the fuck to do, ‘man, I need to make some money and fuckin quick, weed jar’s gettin’ all sorts of empty

but anyway, the BTS post for the TFotSE Reality book has some background on the stories, they’re more central to the spiral at large than they are to Over the River specifically, despite what I said in the paragraph above this.

But yeah, ‘man. I don’t really know what else to say. I was going for ridiculous – gonzo, in other words, my style of writing is psychephrenic gonzo, this is a real thing and there’s literally more than 1,000,000 words of it and more are only on the way. But yeah, OtR I went for broke. I crossed lines. I flipped byrds. It’s literally the most demented thing I have ever written, and I don’t think I could possibly love it any more. I hope you like it, if you check it out.

And why wouldn’t you? It’s totally free, for Christ’s sake!

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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