Over the River

A novel about consciousness and a man described as hard to killOver the River: The Emancipation of Jonathan Knox is now available for free download and purchase via The Hillside Commons and Amazon.

Over the River follows the story of Jonathan Knox, the hard to kill man who had his memories purged by a Neptunian in disguise who calls himself Reverend Neil Campbell. One day, Jonathan Knox is freed from his imprisonment and sent through a portal to Bionic Earth to live out the rest of his days doing, well, whatever the hell he wants. But little does Jonathan Knox know, his old nemesis Reverend Campbell went through the portal too, and with the help of an organization called The Internet Culture Company, The Preacherman will put to the test just how hard to kill Jonathan Knox really is.

Also, The Bookmaker appears in The Writing Room to deliver an important message to the Pillars Three: He’s had it with Universe W-2222 and He wants it fucking destroyed… but He’s not quite sure how to go about it.

Here’s the front cover, stats, and applicable links if you’re interested:

Over the River
The Emancipation of Jonathan Knox

You might be thinking ‘Hey, what’s all those symbols about The Fall of the Seven Earths and III, oh the inanity!?’ Well let me tell ya – Over the River: The Emancipation of Jonathan Knox is the third and final book in a trilogy called The Fall of the Seven Earths, which tells the story of just that: the fall of the seven Earths. It’s a highdea that went as far as it could; it started with Flowers, went Under the Hood, and now it’s made it Over the River.

And now, all three books are available as one book. That’s right,

3 IN 1

…technically 4 in 1 because there is a 100-page anthology of flash fiction stories hidden in the back of Over the River called Highdeas: The Lost Stories from the Seven Earths, and all 19 of those stories (plus the hidden 20th one at the end) are included in The Fall of the Seven Earths. That’s right, I made a book out of my books. Again.

great. but why bother checking out the free pdf of the combined edition?

Because I’ve presented the books in a novel way! There are two ways to read the story of The Fall of the Seven Earths: as the trilogy, or as the novel. As the trilogy, you get the story as I originally presented it: a tale from Fallen Earth, a tale from Cosmic Earth, the final tale from the seven Earths, then the lost stories from the seven Earths. As the novel, you get the bookmaker’s cut; it’s the same text arranged in a different canonical order, it is the project presented in its full form, it’s, it’s, it’s just dope as all hell, ‘man. I am the bookmaker, I come in peace, and I bryng you The Fall of the Seven Earths.

Here’s the front cover, stats, and applicable links if you’re interested:

The Fall of the Seven Earths

…oh, you’re still here. Well that’s interesting. I mean, I framed this post like I was just releasing a new novel, then got at you with an entire second book that’s also 3 books in 1, and now it’s still going. This announcement just keeps evolving, doesn’t it? Kind of like a story. Kind of like an idea.

I have an idea: write me a story. I like stories, a lot, and I think I’ve written enough of them to deserve for somebody to write me a story. It’s not that easy though, is it? See, I’m nuts, I genuinely believe all my stories legitimately happen in the universes afloat in The Garden, my inner space, literally the world inside my head, but not everybody else has the time to come to believe the things I genuinely believe. What’s more, I’m not the only one with an inner space – an Existence – floating around up top, but I am one of the few who’ve spent the majority of my incomplete twenties writing about it, and in doing so I have figured out a thing or two about the craft.

So, thus far today I’ve given you a novel (Existence book 12) and a trilogy (Reality book 2), both available for free and purchase. These are my 13th and 14th books, folks, I think it’s pretty clear that I know how to write, that I’m slaughtering for sport, that I’m doing it for the kids so they have something interesting to read when they grow up and lose their minds from living in this strange world we’ve made for ourselves… but maybe having something interesting to read won’t be enough. It wasn’t enough for me.

I lost my mind a few years ago, really and truly, demonic possession and everything, and only one thing pulled me out of it. ‘Twasn’t running, ’twasn’t reading, ’twasn’t smoking enough cannabis to grow my hair 2 feet long. No. ‘Twas writing, plain and simple. Creating a world, filling it with characters, and proving it was real by putting it in a book changed my life in ways I didn’t believe were possible, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s able to benefit from it. But, creating worlds might not come naturally to some folks, and while that’s a damn cryin’ shame, ’tis a shame that can be helped.

I’ve prepared a manual, a very short almanac to aid in the creation of fiction and the making of books. It does not tell you how to write – only you can do that – but gives a framework for building worlds and creating characters; it includes my full consciousness spectrum, my map of inner space, and the margin measurements and bookmaking classifications I employ. While I made it to be used specifically by The Hillside Commons creators who mean to contribute to The Garden, you are more than welcome to change some names and use it to explore your own Existence. Hell, that’s why I really made it; I’m the only The Hillside Commons creator who exists in what we know as the here and now of the here and now.

The manual is only available for free download through my website and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. The plan is to continuously update the manual as time goes on and eventually release a physical version, but that will be further down the line. Probably around the time I get my own printing press, or whatever the bookmaking technology is called these days.

But until then, here’s the hypothetical front cover, stats, and a link for the free pdf:

Ascending the Astral God in You
• A Manual for Tending The Garden •

  • An in-house manual for creating fiction
  • Book stats:
    – 9 pages
    – 647 words
    – Nonfiction | 1
    – Revision Date: August 18, 2021
  • Click here for the free PDF

…and that is all I have for you. For today. Tomorrow the first blog post for Over the River will go up, it will present the first of the aforementioned flash fiction stories. I’m going to share the stories first, to give you a taste of the overall continuity, then I’ll expose you to the novel, and if I don’t have something new to share by the time Over the River is spent, well… I’ve a decent back catalog for you to check out while you wait, and it’s all available for free. And for money, if you’d like to give me some. But yes. All free everything. Only one way to do it, quoth Bookmaker Adam.

If you’re there, hypotetical reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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