Let’s get one thing on the straight and fuckin’ narrow here, a’ight? The purpose of this series is to say THIS IS FICTION, YOU STUPID FUCKS, NOT A GODDAMN CONFESSIONAL SESSION. LEARN HOW TO FUCKING READ

that said, it did not start out like that.

yes it did, actually

so it started with the stories. The 19 lost stories, 19 because 19. I had this idea in my head that I would write flash fictions about random resale shit – old knives, etc – and sell the stories – laminated printings of the stories – with the random resale shit and I’d make hella money because isn’t that just so creative? I’m such a little genius, I’m gonna make so much money one day

so I wrote the stories. They were each based on a thing. knives, turtle bowls, coffee mugs. Literally 3 stories are based on coffee mugs lmfao they’re so dumb. They’re fantastic stories, some are far superior to others, but at the heart of their creation they are fucking stupid. Make no mistake, friends. Bookmaker makes the stupids too. Boi does he make the stupids

so the selling the stories thing obviously didn’t work out lol, so I Vault’d ’em. Then, time went on, and I came to the position where it was time to give up weed for the rest of my life and so I needed to smoke a third of an an ounce in 5 days (my current record is a half ounce in 4 days, by the way, also, 21,000 words typed in one day, back the fuck off, I am a different goddam species, I am the reincarnation of Dr. Gonzo! I am saying ridiculous things on my blog because it’s goddamn fun!) and write a novella to teach myself why cannabis isn’t a miracle and why it was better to live without it.

and surprisingly, I did. I wrote Flowers, arc I of The Fall of the Seven Earths, set on Fallen Earth because I have the continuity set up anyway, I can do whatever the fuck I want with it! It’s the most open-ended continuity in Existence!

and it was, at the time. But I quickly realized, noted reader, that the continuity was pretty fucking rigid and impossible to deal with.

god i fucking hate it

the concept of the seven earths is cool, i guess

but The Advisorate

Master God of Control George W. Bush

tremendous, I’ll grant you

but fucking stupid

so glad it’s dead and The Playground hath risen from its ashes

so why did I decide to pinch this trilogy off at 3 books instead of going all the way for the 7? yeah, it was gonna be seven books, and here’s why it’s not: because fuck this continuity, okay? I literally made it up to have a place where I could just write ridiculous shit and include other humans in the creation process, and I wanted to give it a continuity because that would be fun. The first version worked, but it was annoying to deal with. The new cooperative continuity place is The Playground and it’s fantastic, it’s all set up at the end of Over the River and The Fall of the Seven Earths at the same time, but that’s not what this post is about.

So why put the books together, right? Because, fucko, I do as I will.

Also, I arranged them correctly, canonically speaking. There are 2 ways to read this story, folks, and each is perfectly valid. The novels tell the story one way, and the Reality book tells it another. The Reality tells it like this:

Key: n# = novel, s# = story

s19, nevermind.

it gives a part of one of the flash fictions, then 9 of the flash fictions, then the second novel, then 9 more of the flash fictions with the second part of the first flash fiction interspliced somewhere, then the first novel, then the third novel, then the secret 20th story I hid in the back of the anthology of flash fiction that I hid in the back of my 13th book that I released in tandem with my 14th and 15th book, the subject of this post, which contains all 3 parts of a trilogy and arranges them spectacularly, ie in a novel way

brb, my mom just said dinner was ready lmfao

I was reminded that my parents do not know if they’re going to be able to support me forever and that I need need need to start thinking about making money

*unsheaths knife*

to slice up a peach. I’ve discovered that eating peaches in slices is actually better than just biting into it. I don’t care if you disagree because this has been digression!

the pit grew in the peach at an angle, I’m having a hard time getting it out

anyway, TFotSe… there’s really not a lot to say. It was the first version of The Playground, just like Existence’ was the first version of Existence. had to exist to move forward, and now that it does…

heh heh heh heh heh

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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