full ashtray | TBN 8-26-21

Bookmaking log: finalized 164,627 words of UBP, 83,274 remaining | TBN +299 words

• • •

getting real close now, getting reaaaaaal close. UBP is going to be done today, TFoF tomorrow probably. Maybe Saturday, though I’d like to be done with it by Saturday… I don’t know. It all depends on how much work I’m tryna do today. if i do enough today then I’ll be able to finish tomorrow without really killing myself. if I don’t do enough today, then I’ll still be able to finish tomorrow, but I’ll have to kill myself doin’ it. i’m thinking I’ll just go hard today

because here’s the thing. Yesterday I was moving slow. took my time. got started late, smoked more weed than usual, read longer in the morning. got the most work done in a single day since I started The Great Revamp however long ago. a full ashtray is a sign of productivity in the house of Hunter A. Wallace; when The Bookmaker is in The Writer’s Room, a full ashtray can only mean good things

but anyway, yeah, yesterday i went so easy that I wound up going hard. today… i don’t know. i’m on page 450ish right now, if I get to 600 today im golden. i did ~150 yesterday, had to push at the end to get the last 40 pages but I got through ’em, made what little corrections were necessary to make. It was difficult but it was worth it, imma be current in 2 days.

dude, I started The Great Revamp several months ago thinking it was going to take me the rest of 2021, but I’m boutta finish it before the end of August. uhhh… BOOKMAKER

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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