No bullshit, this is exactly how the book came to me:

was sitting on back porch smoking weed

smoking lots of weed

smoking illegal 2020 weed

illegal 2020 weed from questionable sources

was very paranoid

on the back porch at night, lights on, sorta chilly I think



sittin there


sittin there smokin

and there’s whole lots of noise in the woods

I freak out, right, start toking as fast as I can, trying to smoke the whole thing so I can scurry inside and not get mauled by denizens of the dark wood, smoke the whole thing, get higher, higher, sweet CHRIST higher, and I’m at the sliding glass door, there are literally monsters everywhere, leaves are being crunched, noted reader, and my hand is on the handle of the slider and I stop.

and the world stops

and suddenly it’s night again and nothing is actually happening

“What am I afraid of,” quoth The Bookmaker, “fuckin’ bigfoot or some shit? …wait a second.”

and thus, Untitled Bigfoot Project. It’s the longest book I’ve ever written, the biggest idea I’ve ever made into a book, at one point it becomes a book within a book within a book, uhhhhhh… it was fun, ‘man. Writing it was fun. Going back through it was less fun, but that could be said about any and all of my books. I just don’t like going over old work. I don’t like redoing old shit, ‘man, no matter what it is I just don’t like doing it… but UBP wasn’t too bad. I missed Sidney Blake. Sidney Blake is cool, ‘man. I missed him a lot. Shame he had to die alone in the dark.

When I say UBP was fun to write, I don’t mean the same kind of fun as, say, Over the River. OtR was just stupid fun, but UBP challenged me as an artist. UBP was fun in an engaging way, in an experiential way. I got to take method writing to a whole different level with The Face of Fear. It was just really fun.

A few of the chapters of this book I wrote in a single day. I remember doing 19,000 words in a day and regretting it immediately. I wasn’t smoking weed at the time, you see, and by the end of the day I was just shot. Fried. I was still toast the next morning. Today, the only thing I regret is stopping at 19,000. Could have gone another 5k at least.

I’m gonna level with you, there is zero way a The Note BTS post can accurately give you a look behind the scenes of UBP, nor is there any way I can accurately share with you just how much this project means to me. Speaking seriously here, it’s my favorite book of mine thus far, by far. Thus far and by far. It’s dedicated to Stephen King, one of my literary heroes. It’s a meditation on humanity – sex, drugs, genius, insanity, all ends of the spectrum, baby – and to be frank, I refer to it as my current magnum opus for a reason. ‘Twas book number 10, and I wanted to do something special with it. So, I did. Thank god for Stephen King and the Dark Tower, thank god for Sidney Blake.

I’m really trying to think if there’s anything about this book that y’all, like, need to know. Besides the fact that the price of the paperback went down from $19 to $15.52 on Amazon. I price my Amazon paperbacks as low as possible because waiting months for royalties is fucking dumb and also, fuck it. Mass market paperback, son

at the time of writing this the new version of the paperback isn’t up. if the book costs $19, don’t get it. OR do, if you want a piece of history you’ll never be able to replicate. I have a box full of old copies of my work, that shit’s going to be something some day probably

anyway, what else…

I took about 30 pages of notes. Looseleaf. Mostly writing out plot ideas and character descriptions. Most of the stuff I just straight-up didn’t use. That’s how it goes.

Oh, I thought it was going to be a novella at first. When I came up with the idea, I really thought it was going to be some little throwaway thing. Turned into the biggest Existence book yet. I’m glad that it’s done.

I’m glad that it’s all done.

About 4ish months ago, I got my hands on reliable legal cannabis and decided that, before I moved forever forward with my shit, I would go back and finish my old work. I thought it was going to take the rest of this year, but I am done today, before the beginning of September. I am current in a way I have never been before. I’m excited to move onto the next.

Straight-up, I’m sorry if this doesn’t give you the behind-the-scenes look you were after. Just kidding, I’m not actually sorry, but you probably wanted to read that, so, there! UBP and TFoF took up a solid quarter of a year of my life, and then another weekish to finish them. UBP was the last of my old books I had to finish in order to move forever forward, and now it’s done. There’s not a whole lot I have left to say about UBP anymore, and that’s exactly why I did The Great Revamp in the first place: to be here in the moment. To be here now, you son of a fucking bitch!

Never again will I go back and “finish” old work

from this day on, unfinished work will not be released

behind the scenes posts will be written before I move forever forward

and all will be glorious

i almost can’t believe i’m here. new work, like, what?

Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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