what it is | TBN 8-30-21

Bookmaking log: banked 6,294 words in The Playground, began notetaking for W-666 entry 2 | TBN +666 words

• • •

since i know you wanna know, this is what it is

The Great Revamp is really done. all 14 of my books are out and available for the download, available for the buy, they’re all finished and I am never goddamn going back. the point of The Great Revamp was to finish the old work, to finish all the old work, to assure there will never be old work again. and let me tell you, it worked

so The Garden is my intellectual property. free real estate at first, but now I got my hotels, motels, Holiday Inns all over that piece. But listen, with the completion of The Great Revamp, two creative properties nested within The Garden just opened up. These are The Playground and The Endless Wood, Universe W-2222 and Universe W-666 respectively, and they are special because reasons.

The Playground is an infinite singularity point at the center of Universe W-2222, it’s a merging of every single infinite iteration of smalltown Wuester, New Jersey that exists in Universe W-2222, it’s a bottomless backwoods sandbox for me to do whatever the fuck in, okay, it’s an actual thing, it took a whole trilogy to set up and now it’s here, it’s queer, and it’s ready for beer! So when I say banked #,### words in The Playground, what I mean is this: I have a Scrivener file, see, and it’s called The Playground, and I write stuff in there. It’s all going to make it into a book one day, but until it does, it remains banked in The Playground. I’m not going to keep a total count of it in the Bookmaking log because I like to retain an air of mystery about myself, and also the idea of dropping new arcs of a spiral called The Playground randomly and without warning seems like a wonderful idea to me.

The Endless Wood is a little different from The Playground. First of all, The Endless Wood will not have a spiral named after it. Second of all, The Endless Wood is not a singularity point but just a single planet, it’s a constantly-expanding planet that houses a living wilderness, it’s an infinite fantasy forest!! It’s an outward infinity whereas The Playground is an inward infinity. It’s a sandbox where the castles are connected by moats and trailways, see? Where continuity is entirely optional in The Playground, it’s encouraged and imperative to The Endless Wood. The Playground was born from the destruction of a universe, whereas The Endless Wood was the offspring of two.


Universe W-666 is where The Face of Fear takes place, The Face of Fear being the novel written by Sidney Blake, the main character of Untitled Bigfoot Project. W-666 was the child of W-2222 and W-428; W-666 was double-encrypted, but when W-2222 reset and became The Playground, one of those encryptions broke, and with entry 2 of W-666, it will officially be its own independent free-floating universe that don’t need no, uh, previously existing universe to… uh… give it… to enable it? I don’t know.

Bookmaker, all right? i don’t know what else to say, just… just Bookmaker

So where I was originally going was The Endless Wood is going to work the same way as The Playground, as far as the whole word bank thing goes, and then if I have a project that I know will be a book in the near future, I’ll log it like I normally do.

so technically, this is me telling you that 2 new books are on the way

this is me, 2 days after finishing The Great Revamp, reporting that The Hillside Commons will have 2 new works of fiction out before the end of 2021

just to make myself clear

new work on the way



Since you’re there, noted reader, thank you for being there. From this day on, we move forever forward~

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